Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nebraska plays UCLA .... sort of .... :(

The game started out just fine, but quickly turned barfalicious. It was embarrassing. I had my web guy take a few pictures like when we were ahead 21-17. But then things went downhill fast!
The game didn't end up being much to talk about so I'm just sticking in several really cute pictures of me. I like to treat my fans right! It beats putting up some pictures of a bunch of guys playing football wearing some pansy-ass, power-blue, so-called uniforms. I'm not bitter ...
Really cute photo #1

Really cute photo #2
Really cute photo #3

Friday, September 6, 2013


What's this you ask??  And who the hell is Joe Lhota?? He's an enemy of the most popular pet in the world (i.e., cats). He the pro-dead-kitten mayoral candidate for NYC!

Click me!

This scandal is making the national and international news. It's one of the biggest issues of 2013.

So what's the deal?  Two kittens got loose in the NYC subway and the top-brass immediately commanded that the subway line in that area be shut down so the kittens could be rescued. 

Click me

Click me

This is Joe Lhota who is the Republican candidate for Mayor of NYC and he is a cat killer.  In Germany, people like these are called Katze Mörders. He is probably a member of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, although I don't know that for sure.

Joe Lhota would have killed these two kittens or so he said ... 

Here is what a true HERO looks like!!

Joe Lhota is a coward!!  Stephen Colbert invited him on his show to finally kill the kittens who were there and he didn't come on.  Maybe Joe figured out that even Republicans wouldn't get behind kitten killing!!  Joe Lhota can talk the talk, but Colbert showed that he can't walk the walk. 

In other words, Mr. Joe, the kitten killer, Lhota is nothing but a PUSSY!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dave & Tarra Show - redux

My friends from Las Vegas visited me all week!  I much prefer these extended stays by Dave and Tarra since it doubles the amount of love in the house that gets directed in my direction. It also almost doubles the number of times that I can be let in and let out of the chez de me.  

Hanging with Dave. (that sounds like it could be a reality show!)

So WHERE was Bruce Chillis, the banana????

Bruce Chillis

He was a no-show! This photo is old. Bruce Chillis is a banana (the yellow thing in the photo). He likes to have his photo taken with me because it provides him with the Huskercat Bump since I'm famous and he's just a banana. You can see the effect of the Huskercat Bump by just googling "Bruce Chillis" and you'll retrieve links to my blog and photos of him and me. 

Tarra and me engaging in a quick snooze.  Snoozing is a good thing and not a sign of laziness (the exception to that are dogs who are all lazy).  Research on snoozing improves cognitive function according to the National Institute of Health - not that my cognitive functioning could be improved much. That's just science. -Snoozing research here-

Friday, August 30, 2013

Instagramification & My Latest Sexy New Friend!! Ashley!

As summer draws to a close, Ashley came to visit me.  She came earlier in the week but I was out cattin' around and missed her. Nobody keeps me informed around here.  She must have been torqued about completely missing me. I'd go ballistic being abused by not getting some good cat time with me. They're lucky she didn't go whack on them if you ask me!!

She's new around here and it was about time my litter changers invited a guest to keep me company. It's nice to have some young blood coming around. Sometimes it feels like a retirement village here.  She's big into social media just like me. It's no surprise because she has such a bangin' personality just like me. Here she is showing me about Instagram. I'll have to have my web guy set one of those up for me.  I'm always on the cutting edge of internet technology so I must have one of those Instagram things. My fans deserve it.

We got to be friends in no time at all. You can see how happy she is to be hanging with me in the photo below. She told me she has a cat which makes sense. Someone as cool as Ashley isn't going to have a pet like a weasel or a stupid dog. You can see from the photos that she's very comfortable with the world's greatest predator (ie, a cat).  She was here all afternoon and evening. Her and my resident photographer and web guy went outside this evening. More power to them because it rained today which sucked but there was so much water in the air (technically called humidity) that it just fell from the clouds and mucked things up pretty good. She seemed really smart as well as pretty.  I call that the "complete package." I want to be clear that referring to Ashley as the complete package is not sexist - it's just a fact. Plus, as per protocol, if anyone accuses me of being misogynist I'll scratch their eyes out! I'm not sure what misogynist means but I hear it's an insult and I don't have time for people whining about how I say things. 

She's big into the Huskers so we had lots to talk about. I forgot to ask her over for the season opener on Saturday night where our team will cream Why-oming (get it ... WHY-oming?? :D ). She's welcome here anytime. She has her own official Husker towel as can be seen in the photographic representation below.  Towels are used for drying off so it was a little confusing when she got it all wet like she did. I wasn't there but the photo raises more questions than it answers. It's another example of some of the weird things that happen around here when my guests come to visit me. 

Ashley said she'd be coming over again soon. I'm not surprised - I made a big impression on her! That's all for now! Except to say to other cats out there who have web sites to suck it up and get your own cool friends!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Beef Merlot and me!

I'm not crazy about food that people eat. I prefer gourmet food for cats like that made by the Friskies Corporation, Inc, of America, whose parent company is Purrina (a leading cat treat company).  Friskies is a high-end cat food for high-end cats.  It's also known as a "premium" cat food which pretty much means they charge more for it. It's well known that owners paying more for a cat product is directly to how much they love said cat.  So, anyways, I thought I'd say something about the Beef Merlot juice that I had this evening.

Note that the Beef Merlot is accompanied by high-class Husker porcelain coasters and a rare Husker Kleenex box that the photographer incompetently obscured. 

The juice a la Merlot de Beuf was mighty tasty. I thought I'd use a little French for my higher-class fans. 

Off to do pursue my post-juice-slurping activities.

The Beef Merlot I had is healthy for me according to the  box it came in.  I'm happy to provide American corporations a one-time free showing on my blog, but further mentions will require a sponsorship contract which seems more than fair.

Snoozing: I excel at it!

Monday, August 12, 2013

3 Sexy New Friends in One Week!!!

You'll never guess what happened this week! I had three nurses come to visit me this week!  This deeply troubled me at first - I thought that maybe I had some serious illness!  Why else would three nurses show up here all at once?? It turns out that one of the nurses is my owners niece from Lincoln, Nebraska, which, I might add, is the home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which I might also add, is my namesake with me being the Huskercat and all. She came with her friend, Marcya, and then a couple days later Laura actually got on an airplane and came down from Sacramento.

Laura, (L), Marcya & me (in the middle), Tara Jo (R)
They had lots of fun visiting me. In addition to showing me lots of love, they went to the ocean, went to a play (see surveiliance photo below), and went with my owner on a skydiving mission. It doesn't make a lot of sense to jump out of an airplane, but that's what they said he did. I guess he's that crazy! Well, I hope they come back to visit soon. The fun index really shot up when they visited!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Best of the Best Buddie - Kira comes to see me (again!)

Check it out! Kira came down from Oregon to see me again. She stayed with me for a couple days so we had all kinds of quality time in the house, in the morning at breakfast and in the evening. Any time with her is quality time really.

Unusual stuff always happens when Kira visits. This time the action was in the kitchen. My (so-called) owner and her went shopping and brought back a couple big boxes of strawberries, cherries, a big box of chocolate eclairs, cupcake mix and four cans of frosting. So you'ld think there would be some kind of dessert-o-rama or something, but I never saw any of it getting eaten. It seemed to disappear. It's just a mystery. You gotta tolerate mysteries if you're the Huskercat and reside at this place. Anyways, my photographer got some pics of me and Kira (see below). They're all pretty cool. It's obvious she's really into me! And check out the bottom of my post where she's visiting a Huskery Club of some kind out in the middle of the Mojave Desert (fyi, desert is unrelated to dessert).

Me -  getting the big squeeze! She's a real snuggle puss!

This photographic representation of me and Kira is a little more formal. None of the head bumpin' and huggin'. They probably wanted a more formal picture in case it is needed for a press release. 
Note my litter changer screwing with my ear. What the hell's up with that??? And why is he insinuating his ol' self into my photos with my fans??? That's what I want to know. He should get his own fans! Kira is being quite gracious and pretending to have fun with him.
He looks like he probably ate a bunch of those chocolate eclairs ....
Ya gotta hand it to my owner and Kira. They ventured out to the California Desert to find the local Husker Club.  It was 105 deg out there!  The locals told them it was good that they didn't visit on one of the really hot days!  I'd describe it as a barren wasteland but that would be rude. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day is not for the birds!

Here I am lounging in the backyard/pool area celebrating Memorial Day. Memorial Day is when we celebrate the memory of those who died for our country.  This does not include birds. Birds don't die for our country and do not deserve having their memories saved.
(behind the scenes photo)
digital visual representation by Dr Cathy Decker
Stalking a bird by the olive tree in the back yard. He is at this moment reflecting on how his life is going to come to an end.
An exception, of course, to this rule is if the bird was murdered by a cat (see above forensic photo) for his lunch. This photo is from one of my many blog entries illustrating how I have a bird meet a premature end to his little life (May 14, 2012, in case you want to look it up!).  Memorial Day is not for these animals. 

The little yellow bird is now deceased, gone to meet his maker, pushing up daisies, he's now living-challenged, bereft of live, he bought the farm, cashed in his chips, his tab was called at the bar of life, it was his final curtain call. Basically, he is bereft of life.  

So everyone needs to understand that Memorial Day is for our fallen heroes. Not loser little birds. You should ignore the Bird Conservatory when they allege that us cats kill about a billion birds a year in the US alone.  Officially I can't confirm or deny these figures, but it sounds like someone got tired of keeping track if you ask me.  That is all!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I wuz hyponotized!! NOT!

Let's be honest. There's all kinds of weird things that happen around here.  Even a superficial perusal of my writings will demonstrate that I have either been subject to or have participated in a peculiar buffet of experiences. But I have never been subjected to what is called animal magnetism!!

I wouldn't think that cats (aka genetically-coded predatory killing machines) would be able to be magnetized animalistically, it would be way too anomalistic. Cat have too much intellect that can only be measured by psychometrists trained with a feline speciality when they go to school. 

Dogs are another story as they are stupid. There's even a book on how to hypnotize dogs (see below). I'll save you some $$$ and tell you how to do it .... just dangle a shiny object in front of them.

Just warning you ... you are about to encounter dumb dog pics. They're pretty funny!! :D

As proof, I submit Exhibits A, B, C, and D to demonstrate the goofy things you can get dogs to do when you hypnotize them. 

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D
So what about cats?  You can't find a collection of dumb cat photos and stories on the internets like you can with dogs. There's like 20 orders of magnitude difference!! And that's a lot! Just ask any of your mathematician friends. 

Since the photo below appeared in the blogosphere, some have claimed that I was being hypnotized.
 Animal Magnetism!!!
Those making the allegations point to the hypnodisc, whirly thing behind the hypnotist, but she's not a hypnotist, she's one of my sexy friends (Kira to be specific, and I don't mind being specific)! And that whirly thing wasn't there. I don't remember it. Someone has plopped that in probably using one of those programs like photoshop. Some people on the internetwork say that she is using her hands to pulse me with her magnetic, hypnotic pulses. Let's face it, anyone can get an internet account and say stuff. And add that to the statistical fact that half the people out there are stupid, I'm surprised this hasn't happened before! But in fact Kira and I are merely frolicking at the moment. It's a photo record of two frisky animals diverting themselves from the more serious concerns that face our country. It's a friendly romp during one of the six or so hours a day that I'm awake. 

All I know about whoever started this rumor that I was being hypnotized is just jealous. That person (or a dog???) probably went ballistic when they saw me and Kira relaxing together and enjoying ourselves.  Deep down they know that someone like Kira isn't going to hang with a stupid person! She's college educated and smart and gets bored easily around the dull-witted (she's like me that way!). 

So to all the jealous types out there - Suck on THAT!!

And to all the dogs who got a brief jolly out of the tall tale - go apologize to your owner for being the sad excuse for a dog that you are!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dr Goldberry - My First SNF of 2013!!

Dr Goldberry (left), Liam (right)
Yow! 9:00 AM on a Sunday morning and the doorbell is feeling pretty energetic! Nothing happens at 9am on a Sunday morning around this place.  I'm certainly not doing anything since it would cut into my 18 hours a day of sleep/nap time!

It turns out she's here to leave her car and drive away in my owners truck (coincidentally seen behind the Dr and me). That's right, her name is Dr Goldberry. I wonder if she's related to the famous evil mastermind, Goldfinger?  Anyway, it's Sunday morning ... maybe she's going on some religious expedition. Breaking news!, she's my first SNF of 2013. Since we're starting the year out, I should explain that SNF stands for Sexy New Friend. I think the qualifications needed for this designation are obvious. I've never seen her around here before, but she's a Dr who makes house calls that's for sure! She's a famous writer too. She wrote a book called Juniper Tree Burning. Nobody was sick around here so I think she's a tree doctor. That's an explanation that works with all the facts here. She's probably hauling trees and needed that truck. That makes more sense than doing some Sunday morning religious thing. I don't think religious people would cut loose with a string of profanities like she did!

I made a break for it -  out the front door - and the powers that be made sure that Dr Goldberry got a souvenir photo with me.

Well ... after she left, I checked out the two dogs that the neighbor keeps quarantined in their backyard. They must have some kind of disease since they are never let out. They are tons of entertainment. Apparently they don't like me sitting on their fence looking down at them. And mocking them. I roam free and they are prisoners for life! HA!  Dogs are stupid. You never hear cats running around yelling I smell... BACON!!!baconbaconbaconbacon! So I have a new friend and I spent the rest of the morning sneering at a couple dogs that wouldn't shut up until I went after a lizard. Not a bad Sunday morning!

Me overseeing the neighbor's dogs