Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Birthday Party!!! I'm THREE!

There was quite a bit of celebration around here this weekend with it being my birthday and all. Actually my birthday was last week but the powers to be around here seem to have some priority problems.

They got me a cake - marble with white frosting! That would be great if I even liked cake! I sniffed it and it didn't seem to have the yummy odors that I would expect for food fit for a VIP cat such as myself. I'll have Friskies send them the memo. I did get a new container of Kosmic Catnip. That's first class stuff.

This is also my 1 year anniversary of living here and being the Huskercat! A year ago I was rescued from the Pet Adoption Center (PAC). I don't know why they call it "rescued" - it's really not an appropriate term. It's not like it's a concentration camp or something! It's also called the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center which is better because it sounds more fancy. I don't know who Mary Roberts is but it doesn't sound like a cat name which is what the center should be named for. That would be a good excuse to get rid of the dogs!! HA!  So on my birthday I'll give a shoutout to my fostermom at the PAC, Jill Coleman. Things are cool here! 

They hired some pretty fancy help for my birthday!
Cake!! It was a nice thing to do. I guess symbolic of all the love felt for me by the owners.  OR MAYBE THEY JUST LIKE CAKE - I feel so used!
At least one of us is having fun!!
I gotta say ... it was a weird birthday party!