Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dr Goldberry - My First SNF of 2013!!

Dr Goldberry (left), Liam (right)
Yow! 9:00 AM on a Sunday morning and the doorbell is feeling pretty energetic! Nothing happens at 9am on a Sunday morning around this place.  I'm certainly not doing anything since it would cut into my 18 hours a day of sleep/nap time!

It turns out she's here to leave her car and drive away in my owners truck (coincidentally seen behind the Dr and me). That's right, her name is Dr Goldberry. I wonder if she's related to the famous evil mastermind, Goldfinger?  Anyway, it's Sunday morning ... maybe she's going on some religious expedition. Breaking news!, she's my first SNF of 2013. Since we're starting the year out, I should explain that SNF stands for Sexy New Friend. I think the qualifications needed for this designation are obvious. I've never seen her around here before, but she's a Dr who makes house calls that's for sure! She's a famous writer too. She wrote a book called Juniper Tree Burning. Nobody was sick around here so I think she's a tree doctor. That's an explanation that works with all the facts here. She's probably hauling trees and needed that truck. That makes more sense than doing some Sunday morning religious thing. I don't think religious people would cut loose with a string of profanities like she did!

I made a break for it -  out the front door - and the powers that be made sure that Dr Goldberry got a souvenir photo with me.

Well ... after she left, I checked out the two dogs that the neighbor keeps quarantined in their backyard. They must have some kind of disease since they are never let out. They are tons of entertainment. Apparently they don't like me sitting on their fence looking down at them. And mocking them. I roam free and they are prisoners for life! HA!  Dogs are stupid. You never hear cats running around yelling I smell... BACON!!!baconbaconbaconbacon! So I have a new friend and I spent the rest of the morning sneering at a couple dogs that wouldn't shut up until I went after a lizard. Not a bad Sunday morning!

Me overseeing the neighbor's dogs