Monday, August 12, 2013

3 Sexy New Friends in One Week!!!

You'll never guess what happened this week! I had three nurses come to visit me this week!  This deeply troubled me at first - I thought that maybe I had some serious illness!  Why else would three nurses show up here all at once?? It turns out that one of the nurses is my owners niece from Lincoln, Nebraska, which, I might add, is the home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which I might also add, is my namesake with me being the Huskercat and all. She came with her friend, Marcya, and then a couple days later Laura actually got on an airplane and came down from Sacramento.

Laura, (L), Marcya & me (in the middle), Tara Jo (R)
They had lots of fun visiting me. In addition to showing me lots of love, they went to the ocean, went to a play (see surveiliance photo below), and went with my owner on a skydiving mission. It doesn't make a lot of sense to jump out of an airplane, but that's what they said he did. I guess he's that crazy! Well, I hope they come back to visit soon. The fun index really shot up when they visited!

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