Friday, March 27, 2009

Jessika comes back to see me!

Jessika stopped by again. I was hoping she would come to visit since she sure seemed to like me when we first met! That's not unusual though, but I really like her. I think her and me are developing a thing, if you know what I mean. I don't mean anything untoward either - last thing I need is another sexual harrassment suit or for the court to think I've violated any of the restraining orders! I've learned my lesson! But at least I know Jessika cares about me. I was left out in the back yard and she was asking about me not that it mattered much to my owner apparently.

I'm not sure what she was up to. It looks like she stopped by on the way home from school. She seems smart so that could be. One thing I've noticed about her is she seems to like pink a lot! She always seems to be wearing something pink. She also changes her clothes quite a bit which I don't understand.

It's not like I have to worry about that. I got one coat and I wear it all the time. And it's a fur coat too so PeTA can go fuck themselves - I'll wear fur no matter what kind of wacked out weirdo political position those fear-mongering shit-for-brains take! I never even heard of them until today on the TV. I heard on the news that this radical group was trying to outlaw fur coats. All I know is that the International Association of Cat Celebrities (IACC) will sue their ass off if they push this. I'm a charter member of IACC, so what I say goes! I do wish they'd change their name from IACC though. IACC kinda sounds like the sound of coughing up a wet furball. I mean ... YUK! All I can say is that us animals who wear fur coats will unite and we will fuck PeTA up so bad they won't be able to sit down for a month!

What the hell would us cats, and bears, and dogs do without their fur coats? You don't have to reflect on that for very long to know that idea came from some mental retard! I heard Jessika say she wanted a cat. I should think about moving in with her. I doubt that I'd be missed much around here if how often I'm left out in the back yard is any indicator! I'm really just interested in us cats though. I could give a rat's ass about dogs! Rat's ass ... that's a weird saying ... I'm not sure where that came from. Sounds like something one of my owners might say though. Come to think of it, I really don't care about bears either. Bears are just godless killing machines anyway. I heard that on TV. Which proves that sleep learning must happen because I'm always sleeping when the owners park themselves in front of the TV. That's when I hang with them - they seem to appreciate it. They need to feel important and it seems to keep the Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna in Gravy coming so all is good.

I'm not sure how to wrap this up. I feel a nap coming on. I'll just say I hope Jessika comes by again. It certainly perks things up around this place! Oh, and PeTA can just suck it! God, they've pissed me off! No fur coats! What a bunch of asses!!! Sorry about all the profanity. I blame my owner since he swears a lot. Cats aren't natural profaners - we're all about love! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jessika - one of my sexy new friends!

Finally a fresh face around this dump! When she saw me she said Well, it's about time I got to meet Tommy! Now imagine that being said with youthful enthusiasm. Not like how I just said it. All I can say is that someone got some class all of a sudden around here to invite her over. Her name is Jessika Dorian.

Sounds like a movie star. But then, let's be honest, what would a movie star be doing around here? Slumming? HA! Turns out I got egg on my face (not really, it's just an expression) - she actually has been on TV! She's been in KnightRider. I think it's a movie about horses and King Arthur or something. Anyways, it's always extra special to get nailed with a public display of affection by someone famous. Famous people and I have a lot in common since I'm famous too.

At any rate, she's so pretty she should be on a Fancy Feast cat food can! I would think one of the Grilled varieties with gravy. She seems like that kind of girl to me.

Her hair is the same color as my owner's (the cute owner). It's a very California look. It's also worth noting, and this is important, that Jessica is sporting a Husker jersey! I was thinking she had mighty fine taste in clothes but it turns out that it wasn't hers. It was just laying around here. Jessica grew up here in California so she's probably not a huge Husker fan, but you can tell she's a fan of me! It's been a long time since I got a squeeze with that level of youthful enthusiasm! It would be nice to have some more enthusiastic humans around like her. I hope she comes back. She needs to spend a little more time with me!

PS - that's my christmas portrait on the wall in the background. Notice my head is cut off! Had the photographer taking my picture with Jessika had a little more skill, he would have gotten my entire picture within this picture. And if you do the math, that would have made this picture twice as good!