Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sexy New Friend - Eleisha

Holy cow - there's been lots of people around here! I never met Eleisha before but she certainly qualifies to be a sexy new friend! She has good friend potential because she really likes me. She's always so busy. She should take it a little easier and keep me company. She has red hair too. That caught me a little off guard! But nothing wrong with a little diversity around here.

Her dress is made out of leather. It made me want to go out and chase something! I don't know why leather always has that effect on me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sexy new friend! Natalie

There's been a lot of traffic around here lately. Natalie came over for the day. She's a new friend and not to be confused with the several other Natalie's that come over. It doesn't seem very smart for these humans to have the same name. It's probably why they often seem confused.

She wasn't here long enough to learn how to feed me. I learned one thing about her though ... she really likes mashed potatos! Fancy Feast doesn't make cans of mashed potatos so I have no idea if she knows what she's talking about or not.

But I don't care - she really likes me and is prepared to scratch me head whenever I rub up against her.

Sexy New Friend - Tarra

Tarra's one of my favorites. She's not really a new friend. She's been here before. One things for sure - she knows how to treat a cat. She's a very experienced girl. I mean she's experienced with me. That's all I meant by that. She's so warm and smells nice - she's the complete package!

She usually stays a couple days when she visits cuz she comes in from Vegas. That's always good for me. She knows where the Fancy Feast Tuna Feast with Gravy is in the morning so we always get along.

Life is good.