Saturday, June 21, 2014

What happened to my giant water bowl???

I have a 18,000 gallon water bowl in the back yard.  I'll be the first to admit that it's larger than I need, but that's how I roll. But odd things happened today. This is my story. 

Here I am keeping watch on a plastic bag that tried to escape the back yard.  These things need looking after since plastic is unnatural. Plastic bags are killers. Zillions of plastic bags have banned together to form floating islands of death in the oceans. Don't take my word for it - they talk about it in the New York newspaper which is all about science

There's this huge sucking noise in the back by my king-size water bowl.  What the hell is up with all this noise??  

What the hell is up is that there is this hose sticking in the water bowl and it turning it into a waterless bowl!  This is more disturbing than A Serbian Film, which is saying alot! I don't watch movies, it takes away from my nap time, but I hear it's bad.   

Check it out! It's almost empty. They pumped all that water out into the street! I thought it was going to deluge the street for forty days and forty nights - another great flood!  That's what it looks like when you're 11 inches tall. 

This is the little machine that sucked more than a chupacabra. The reason for all the drama?? The water wouldn't hold the chemicals.  What's that even mean, you might ask. Or you probably don't really care. My water bowl needs chorine to keep the water sanitary. Imagine that I chase dog into the bowl and he falls in and drowns very slowly so it feels the essence of life leaving its body, its lungs collapsing from all the .  Then you have a release of organic material, ie, dog scum. If the pH is low, then dog scum organics will create turn into phosphates which are food for algae spores. Chlorine kills algae but you got to have more chlorine if you have scum, but chlorine gets wacky and you have to put in cyanuric acid which never leaves the water which means you have to adjust pH with more chlorine and the water gets sick. I'm not a scientist so I don't really know what all that means, but that's the buzz around here. Another way to think about this is if a dog drowns in the big bowl, it's not a problem as long as one's caretaker/feeder drags the carcass and throws it into the street.  

Good thing for me is that there are two water bowls in my house.  So after a drink, it time to catch up on my 18 hours of snooze time I need.