Monday, February 17, 2014

Watch me be close to God!! (Not that I saw him)

Look at me! I've never been to church before, but my owner dropped by a church on Sunday. It's not clear why we took this little excursion. Naturally he took a picture of me on location. Churches are God's house (or houses). He has lots of houses. Many are probably resort houses is the only reason that I can think of why he has so many houses. God must have been at one of those houses because I didn't see him at this house. That's ok as I didn't have an appointment or anything. I don't have any idea who the two ladies were, but they made it clear to me that they didn't want to "bother" with me. They were new to going to a church as can be seen by them kneeling in the aisle rather than sitting on one of the many benches. 

Me in God's House. I'm told he has lots of houses like this. He must be pretty rich!

Cats were Gods in Egypt. Contrarily, dogs were often served for dinner in Egypt. Dogs were known to be pretty tasty, but too chewy. Or maybe the hieroglyphics were talking about dog jerky.

This is a picture of two cat gods in Egypt. There have been many hieroglyphics written about my ancestors.  Cats were gods in Egypt. This makes sense as Egypt was the beginning of all civilization. Many hieroglyphics have been written about my cat ancestors which the be beginning of cats being so famous.

Historical photo of a guy with his cat in olden times. The cat's owner sounds a little loopy though. Notice that he is talking about being dead, but clearly he is alive. Nowadays, we have medications for people with problems like this. I don't know ... there's probably more to the story.
Since cats are gods, cats do not need religion.

I should have my own church as it would be an organized way for my fans to visit me and bring Frisky treats, frankinfurters and purr. I should seriously consider this since I am already a minister in the Universal Life Church. That's right, you can check it out right here! I specialize in funeral services for rodents and dogs. I always make it a fun time.

Just one example of why we cats think so highly of ourselves.