Sunday, August 14, 2011

Most Holy Credentials!!

The Huskercat "brand" (so to speak) has has always been a strong credential when it comes to being a Husker fan. I mean ... talk about things that go without saying', right??  That said, in my continual striving for excellence, I am pleased to announce that as of August (co-incidentally the beginning of football season!) I am now a certified Minister with the Universal Life Church!

Yay for me!!!

(the skeptics among you might want to take a moment and peruse the official document below).
My real name is Liam Thomas, but among my spiritual friends I go by Liam Piam.

This is an important extension of my Huskercat services. Obviously, cats are to be worshipped. In fact, this goes back before Christiandom.  People in Egypt worshipped cats. History shows that the world would have devolved into chaos and ruin had it not been for my ancestors ability at murdering rodents who were intent on the grossly inappropriate dining on the human's grains. This has been true for thousands of years. And, now that I think about this, we have not been given a sufficient amount of gratitude!

I tend to be quite busy relaxing and sleeping so you might be wondering why I would want to be a minister.  I would like to provide my services at funerals for dogs!  If I can keep from laughing that is!!

In case you have any questions about all this, be assured that I am also a certified Revelator which means that I am qualified to answer all unanswered questions. As you might expect, this kind of service isn't cheap.