Saturday, August 8, 2009


It was a perfectly good Saturday morning. Not that I make a habit of keeping track of days. I'm just trying to be complete. I don't mean Anyways, I come in from my morning prowl/patrol and am swept up by my owner (the big one), which is fine since he always rubs my head with his face (it sounds disgusting but it feels good), and then get the shock of the week. I'm immediately tossed into this PPU (portable prison unit in case you haven't been reading my blog). Well I can tell you one thing - it's never good news to be tossed into one of those. Next think I know we're in the car and I have a feeling he's about to deliver me to the cat doctor. It's not like I've been sick either. They keep me pumped up on so much steroids I'm pretty much invincible. Ask any dog that has made the mistake of straying into my yard!

Here's the problem with being stuck in a PPU. I get to the Canyon Crest Veterinary Hospital and this house cat comes by getting all hissy with me. I bet they don't let her out. Vets don't like letting cats go outside. I guess Vets like pussies for cats! :) If I wouldn't have been trapped in this cage I would have sunk a paw full of claws into that prissy head of hers.

So the deal is that I have to give some blood again. This is happening way too often. One of my oncologists (all board certified) have to make sure my blood is ok before they give me more cancer drugs. I'm assuming that Jennifer who is one of the vet techs here, who looks after me when my owners desert me from time to time, will be taking charge here but she's nowhere to be seen.

I've always told about what a medieval torture practice this blood letting is but nobody believed me.

Well Here's PROOF! It took two of them to get it from me. They actually poke a needle into my JUGULAR VEIN! Then they unsquirt my blood into a tube.

It's pretty sick if you ask me! The two culprits are Charlene and Claudia. That's Claudia who has me in some kind of steel grip. She clearly has experience doing this. Charlene is the one who seems awfully handy with the needle. There were a bunch of dogs in the place. I bet she likes poking needles into dogs. At least that would be funny!

You got to be pretty good with the needle to nail the jugular vein. One slip and you got blood all over! I was disappointed that Jennifer wasn't in there with me. But she was there helping us check out. There's quite a bit of paper work with important medical procedures like this. And by paper work I mean the green kind of paper (see photo). But one thing for sure, I'm worth it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tia: My sexy new friend!

I wasn't expecting any company today but I got a surprise when Tia showed up. She's a new face around here. That's good because we needed a new face around here. And one as pretty as hers really classes this place up!

Her and my owner spent all afternoon taking pictures. It was pretty busy in there so I avoided it as I didn't want any disruption of my napping.

I checked things out after they got done. This is when I got the squeeze (if you know what I mean) from Tia. We hit it off. Not a surprise, I know. People usually like me a lot. As far as I'm concerned she can come back anytime!