Monday, April 20, 2009

Kymberlie Jane - My Sexy New Friend!

I wanted to share with my fans these photos of Kimberly luving me up. Her name is Kymberlie-Jane, but I just call her Kymberlie. Long names confuse me. If you look up adorable in the dictionary you'll find her picture. Actually I don't know that for sure because I don't have a dictionary, but it would make sense.

She's wearing a Nebraska Football shirt. I might add that she looks really good wearing a red shirt such as this one. I bet she'd look good wearing any Husker shirt. I seriously get the feeling she's going to be in next years Huskergirls calendar. With a smile like her's she's going to go places. She's been in some magazines but I don't remember her being in Cat Fancy. If my owner had a clue about these sorts of things he should send one of these pictures to Cat Fancy. Talk about an easy tear sheet!

She was a lot of fun although I didn't hang around that much. She couldn't keep her hands off of me and she actually has a cat allergy. That's some kind of biological malfunction that some humans have. It doesn't make much sense to me. I'll have to ask one of my board certified vets about this. I don't think God would make people that way. Maybe she lives by a radioactive bomb plant or something. That would probably do it! But that was the only limitation I could find with her. She is real friendly and laughs a lot. I'm not sure what she was laughing about. It's not like my owner is very funny or anything. Maybe she was laughing at him! I kind of snicker at him sometimes - like when I pretend I haven't been fed and he feeds me twice. You gotta admit, that's pretty funny. I pretty much run things around here. A quick mind will get you a lot of places. Actually, your mind doesn't have to be all that quick around this place. But Kymberlie is a smart cookie. It was nice to hang with someone with some brains for a change!

My face went all funny in the last picture. I blame Kimberly for this. She kinda does that to you! It's hard to explain.