Monday, December 24, 2012

Obey the banana? yeah ... right! :D

My friends, Dave and Tarra, visited me.  They drove all the way from Las Vegas which is in Nevada which is next to California. That makes it another state. I was going to say my friends, Dave, Terra and Bruce, but Bruce isn't a friend and it seems that Dave can't go anywhere without Bruce. 

So what's the problem. Well, Bruce, aka Bruce Chillis, is a banana. That's right he's a fruit (... snicker ..).  Bruce, the banana, visited in July and he tried to ingratiate himself with me. He kept sneaking up on me and obviously trying to get his photo taken with me due to my celebrity status as the Huskercat. See Exhibits A and B for proof of my claim!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I was sleeping when Bruce Chillis snuck up on me for a celebrity photo. People usually ask for a photo with me and I'm happy to oblige.  I know how happy I'd be to have my picture taken with me.