Sunday, June 28, 2009

Checking out the Bride! woohoo! Tarra comes to visit me (again!)

Tarra's one of my oldest sexy friends! I mean I've known her a long time - she's not like old or anything like my one owner. She came to see me last June according to my assistant who keeps my calendar. I don't pay much attention to times and dates. Well this time Tarra is getting married! This is pretty exciting! Naturally she wanted me in her photo. Not because she was marrying me (that would be weird!), but she likes me in her photos. I think she feels it gives her images an edgy feel with me in them. I'm happy to help out naturally. It's not like I got anything else really important to do.Her and the photographer were taking lots of bridal pictures. You can see me in this first photo. I sort of popped up so I could be right there with Tarra. It was pretty fun. But I don't think the photographer liked me that much. He seemed easily annoyed. I don't think he gets along with fun people (like Tarra) and celebrities (like me) very well.

I was able to get into a second bridal portrait too! That was fun. I kinda poked my head in from the side. It's pretty obvious Tarra doesn't mind. She looks pretty in every picture of her. So do I, but the photographer seemed to lose his cool when I got into this picture. All I wanted to do was get a better look at the view (if you know what I mean!).
The photo guy yelled at me. He must be pretty religious too because he was saying quite of few religious words although I don't really think I'm a God forsaken cat. As pissy as he was, I seriously doubt that he gets any direct communications from God. He should ask WWJD? I don't think Jesus would yell at me. He seems to be big into that Salvation Army Couture <--- that's a joke! I came into the world with 9 lives and I got plenty left. Humans only get one life and assuming the photographer is a human (HA!!) he's got one life. He better watch out yelling at a cat. I'm not threatening him (technically speaking), but he better watch his P & Qs! I'm not sure what P&Qs mean exactly, but I bet the "P" stands for Pussy. That would make sense.

They kept taking more pictures. She only needed one picture of her glamorous self in that fancy wedding dress. It didn't make much sense that they had to take that many. I think it's because he's not a very good photographer. He should take lessons or something. When you're taking pictures of someone as pretty as Tarra you could probably be a pretty lame photographer! How hard can it be to take a good picture of Tarra. Point camera, push button. I think that pretty much covers all one would need to do.

So I thought if he's going to keep taking pictures, I'll poke my adorable Main Coon mug into one of these last pictures. He put some stuff on the one side so I couldn't hop in to photo like I did on the last one. But the coast was clear on the other side. So in I pop! (see photo below) This was pretty funny and I look really good too. Tarra thought this was pretty funny. So did I. The photoguy apparently doesn't have a sense of humor though since he knocked over one of those fancy light things when he tried to shoo me away. He got pretty steamed. I think he was mad that he lost his cool in front of a pretty bride like Tarra. Given the photodude's lack of humor I decided not to get into more of the photos. At the time I thought they weren't going to turn out very good anyway, but I was wrong about that. Which just proves that you don't have to be a good photographer to get a glamorous picture of Tarra. No offense to the photographer. I'm sure he's good at something (I'm a milk bowl half full kind of cat). It's not my fault he's sorta lame at taking pictures. Tarra and I hung out for a while and she scratched me under the chin and petted me for awhile. She knows all my pleasure zones! It would have been perfect if she would have sneaked me a bowl of Grilled Fancy Feast Tuna with Gravy. I still have no idea who she's going to marry in that dress. Nobody deserves to be that lucky!

Tarra Terrorism: The Shocking Story Revealed!

It was a pretty fun weekend with Tarra and Dave staying over. It was pretty much okay that they were staying in the spare bedroom where I usually go to get away from it all. I like sleeping on all the pillows. The first night they closed the door. I'm not used to closed doors around this place. And closed doors usually magically open when I want to go through them. I wanted to find out what was going on in the room so naturally I scratched the door. That usually does the trick. I guess Tarra's not used to cats because she thought it was a mouse in the closet! That was a first! But she got over that and couldn't get enough squeeze time in with me. She gives good squeeze too!
As the Huskercat, I'm always happy to see fans wear their Husker clothes. Let's face it, Husker clothes wearers deserves a little extra respect. So I was dismayed when the backyard surveillance camera caught THIS picture! Some group of Tarra-terrorists got together and tossed my friend into the swimming pool! She was obviously caught off guard by this low rent, juvenile behavior! Humans sure look goofy when they get tossed into the pool. I guess it is kind of funny.
Getting thrown in the pool is a cat's worst nightmare! I don't mind chasing mice and lizards into the pool so they can drown. Let's face it - they have it coming. It's really funny when they get sucked into the skimmer. Talk about a thrill! The way I see it I'm just helping them get to vermin heaven a little faster. But Tarra recovered in a jiffy as can be seen by her theatric finish. She's a sweetie for putting up with this kind of abuse. I'd claw someones eyes out! Who knows what she'd do if she had claws.
It's nice having so much company lately. My owners get kind of boring after awhile. I like the excitement and fast paced life of having lots of visitors who will all throw some attention my way.

Dave: It's Only Fair

Tarra got her picture taken with me which naturally made Dave feel sort of left out. I hate to see him get all mopey. So to get his spirits back up, we all thought it was best for Dave and me to get our picture taken together. He's a real photographer, not a wanna-be photographer like my owner. I'm sure he taught my owner a bunch of stuff.

It's pretty obvious that I had the desired effect - just look at the smile on Dave's mug! I think he gets down because him and my owner sure seem to make taking a picture awfully complicated. I think they should get a more simple camera or something. Maybe that way their brains wouldn't hurt so much! HA!!