Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dave & Tarra Show - redux

My friends from Las Vegas visited me all week!  I much prefer these extended stays by Dave and Tarra since it doubles the amount of love in the house that gets directed in my direction. It also almost doubles the number of times that I can be let in and let out of the chez de me.  

Hanging with Dave. (that sounds like it could be a reality show!)

So WHERE was Bruce Chillis, the banana????

Bruce Chillis

He was a no-show! This photo is old. Bruce Chillis is a banana (the yellow thing in the photo). He likes to have his photo taken with me because it provides him with the Huskercat Bump since I'm famous and he's just a banana. You can see the effect of the Huskercat Bump by just googling "Bruce Chillis" and you'll retrieve links to my blog and photos of him and me. 

Tarra and me engaging in a quick snooze.  Snoozing is a good thing and not a sign of laziness (the exception to that are dogs who are all lazy).  Research on snoozing improves cognitive function according to the National Institute of Health - not that my cognitive functioning could be improved much. That's just science. -Snoozing research here-

Friday, August 30, 2013

Instagramification & My Latest Sexy New Friend!! Ashley!

As summer draws to a close, Ashley came to visit me.  She came earlier in the week but I was out cattin' around and missed her. Nobody keeps me informed around here.  She must have been torqued about completely missing me. I'd go ballistic being abused by not getting some good cat time with me. They're lucky she didn't go whack on them if you ask me!!

She's new around here and it was about time my litter changers invited a guest to keep me company. It's nice to have some young blood coming around. Sometimes it feels like a retirement village here.  She's big into social media just like me. It's no surprise because she has such a bangin' personality just like me. Here she is showing me about Instagram. I'll have to have my web guy set one of those up for me.  I'm always on the cutting edge of internet technology so I must have one of those Instagram things. My fans deserve it.

We got to be friends in no time at all. You can see how happy she is to be hanging with me in the photo below. She told me she has a cat which makes sense. Someone as cool as Ashley isn't going to have a pet like a weasel or a stupid dog. You can see from the photos that she's very comfortable with the world's greatest predator (ie, a cat).  She was here all afternoon and evening. Her and my resident photographer and web guy went outside this evening. More power to them because it rained today which sucked but there was so much water in the air (technically called humidity) that it just fell from the clouds and mucked things up pretty good. She seemed really smart as well as pretty.  I call that the "complete package." I want to be clear that referring to Ashley as the complete package is not sexist - it's just a fact. Plus, as per protocol, if anyone accuses me of being misogynist I'll scratch their eyes out! I'm not sure what misogynist means but I hear it's an insult and I don't have time for people whining about how I say things. 

She's big into the Huskers so we had lots to talk about. I forgot to ask her over for the season opener on Saturday night where our team will cream Why-oming (get it ... WHY-oming?? :D ). She's welcome here anytime. She has her own official Husker towel as can be seen in the photographic representation below.  Towels are used for drying off so it was a little confusing when she got it all wet like she did. I wasn't there but the photo raises more questions than it answers. It's another example of some of the weird things that happen around here when my guests come to visit me. 

Ashley said she'd be coming over again soon. I'm not surprised - I made a big impression on her! That's all for now! Except to say to other cats out there who have web sites to suck it up and get your own cool friends!