Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cat Head Shots!

No big news here. I was just minding my own business surveying the front yard one Sunday morning and all of a sudden I got a camera in my face! There's no way to know how many lizards and birds walked by the window and were spared the punishing treatment for their existence that is my responsibility to administer.

This is a photo of me! I'm told I have very pretty eyes. I guess there's no point in me denying it now!

This is another photo of me! I am looking especially cute in this one. There are 3 of them. The 3rd one is coming up next!
There's a lot of responsibility that I have for keeping the bird population down to a minimum. This kind of distraction will not have a good effect on the weekly bird quota that I have. All of us neighborhood cats have these quotas. Actually, I'm not supposed to talk about the bird quota business. There's this national group of extremists and terrorists, known as PeTA, that have been known to throw pig blood on cats that go outdoors. This is a true fact. Oh, wait ... my media consultant is telling me that PeTA wackos throwing pig blood on outdoor cats is technically truthy rather than true. Same difference if you ask me! I can't even finish a simple blog entry without the word police showing up around here! Take my word for it though, PeTA is hatin' on cats that enjoy the outdoors. What's next? Probably a visit by Sarah McLachlan! It's hard to believe this is American anymore.

I think I look like a Puma kind of cat. To be honest, I look good in all these photos.