Sunday, April 8, 2012

New cat friends in Nebraska!

My head web guy and personal photographer went to the Mother of all states - Nebraska! While I've not been to Nebraska personally - with all my responsibilities here in California coordinating Huskercat activities - this is an exciting opportunity for me to make new friends - or fans. They're more fans actually since I've not met them.  Regardless, these cats live in Lincoln, which, as you all probably know, is the home of Nebraska Football. 

This is another new fan - goes by the name Poppi. Poppi is an excessively affectionate girl cat.   

This is Cinder. He has an embarrassing story behind his name. His original name was Cinderella. The owners thought he was a girl cat, but when taken to the vet, they were told he's a boy cat. The name was adjusted to avoid providing him with the basis for much gender confusion as he grew up. 

Savanah, who is the "owner" of these two pusses, is seen here on the right. She is  having a discussion with a fellow competitor after the gunny sack finals in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday.