Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sad Jack the Cat news .... :(

On September 11 (... that's weird ... 9/11... anyways) ... I posted about Jack the Cat who had been lost by American Airlines (how un-American of them, if you ask me).  So here it is, Christmas, a time of joy and I thought I'd check. Two months later Jack was found. He fell out of the ceiling by Customs! No kidding!

Jack was severely malnourished and he was also dehydrated (that means he hadn't had any water for a long time!)

Read about how Jack was found @ NY Times.

What happened next was he was emergency rushed to BluePearl hospital in Manhattan (a really high-class place).  He was treated by a team of cat specialists. They put a feeding tube in him, juiced him with intravenous fluids, antibiotics and Jack got an operation if some kind - details are sketchy on this.
Exclusive Huskercat Blog Photo!!

So far ... so good. Or so you'ld think
Jack the Cat had gone for so long with no food or water that his organs were dysfunction and his skin was so thin that blood couldn't flow into it.  Despite all these efforts and love from his fans, 12 days after Jack crashed into Customs, Jack had to be put to sleep. American Airlines could have done more.  More details.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Huskercat Game Prediction!!

Nebraska 28 - Washington 21

That's right - it won't be easy tomorrow and the Huskers will have trouble with two drives but come away with field goals on both. 

The Huskies can suck on that!!

I'll have my web guy post some pics of me watching the game!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scandal!! What's the problem with feral cats hanging out at the UN!!

This was a disturbing story of racism and discrimination. There is no reason why feral cats shouldn't be allowed to live at the UN. The UN better be careful or the feral cat attorneys will take them to International Court! Cats have rights. Sorry the thing plays a stupid commercial in the beginning.
268 Feral Cats Removed From U.N. Headquarters

Sunday, September 11, 2011


American Airlines lost this ladies cat!!!!

Story here.  I tweeted about it  .... this is SAD!

PS - as a cat I deeply resent this whole "tweeted" business. Birds ... lame!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Big Win #2!! Fresno State goes down!

Hey Huskercat Fans!!

So today was the big day for game #2 with Fresno State. We never played them before. I don't know why, but it may have something to do with Fresno not actually being a state. The football rules specifically say that college teams have to be in the US of A and you don't need to be that worldly to know that the USA has 50 states and Fresno isn't one of them!

Note the empty bird feeder. If my owners knew what they were doing they would put some bird food in it for my entertainment and dining pleasure. Once I actually jumped from the ground and latched onto that bird feeder! That's like 5 feet (or 1.52 meters for my European friends).  The problem with that is you don't have a paw free to snatch a bird.
Going into Games #2 we are undefeated!! That sounds better than saying we've won 1 game.  Well ... 4pm rolled around and the game is starting. Time for me to perch myself in front of the TV.
To be honest the first half of this game really blew chunks. Sloppy tackles, fumble, lame passing for us and Fresno State played really good. Maybe you have to play this way if you're in the Big 10. I don't know. The people who run the Big 10 aren't very smart. If you count the number of teams in the Big 10 you'll come up with 12 assuming some basic numeric literacy. Twelve is not the same as 10 the last time I checked. 

Note the level of fan dissatisfaction. Nebraska fans are very civil when unhappy. Not like Colorado fans/cult members who throw bottles and snowballs when they get unhappy.  Colorado fans are evolutionarily speaking just one missing link more advanced than chimpanzees who like to throw poop. Evolution is science so this has to be correct. 
At half-time I got pretty hungry!
Off to the Friskies bowl. For the record, I didn't ignore the Nebraska Cheerleaders. 
Football action caught in midair! It would have been really exciting had our player actually caught the ball!  This wasn't a good omen (not that I believe in omens!).
The coach must have said something pretty convincing because the Huskers turned things around in the second half!  42 - 29 is how it turned out with us getting the 42.  I hope the coach tells them his little pep talk at the beginning of the next game rather than waiting around like he did this time! 
I accurately predicted a touchdown at this point in the game!

So we won!  Yea for us!! 2 - 0, pretty good. But our guys better figure out the problems before next week.  Home field advantage isn't going to carry the day against Washington (named after the first President of the USA). 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Birthday Party!!! I'm THREE!

There was quite a bit of celebration around here this weekend with it being my birthday and all. Actually my birthday was last week but the powers to be around here seem to have some priority problems.

They got me a cake - marble with white frosting! That would be great if I even liked cake! I sniffed it and it didn't seem to have the yummy odors that I would expect for food fit for a VIP cat such as myself. I'll have Friskies send them the memo. I did get a new container of Kosmic Catnip. That's first class stuff.

This is also my 1 year anniversary of living here and being the Huskercat! A year ago I was rescued from the Pet Adoption Center (PAC). I don't know why they call it "rescued" - it's really not an appropriate term. It's not like it's a concentration camp or something! It's also called the Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center which is better because it sounds more fancy. I don't know who Mary Roberts is but it doesn't sound like a cat name which is what the center should be named for. That would be a good excuse to get rid of the dogs!! HA!  So on my birthday I'll give a shoutout to my fostermom at the PAC, Jill Coleman. Things are cool here! 

They hired some pretty fancy help for my birthday!
Cake!! It was a nice thing to do. I guess symbolic of all the love felt for me by the owners.  OR MAYBE THEY JUST LIKE CAKE - I feel so used!
At least one of us is having fun!!
I gotta say ... it was a weird birthday party!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Most Holy Credentials!!

The Huskercat "brand" (so to speak) has has always been a strong credential when it comes to being a Husker fan. I mean ... talk about things that go without saying', right??  That said, in my continual striving for excellence, I am pleased to announce that as of August (co-incidentally the beginning of football season!) I am now a certified Minister with the Universal Life Church!

Yay for me!!!

(the skeptics among you might want to take a moment and peruse the official document below).
My real name is Liam Thomas, but among my spiritual friends I go by Liam Piam.

This is an important extension of my Huskercat services. Obviously, cats are to be worshipped. In fact, this goes back before Christiandom.  People in Egypt worshipped cats. History shows that the world would have devolved into chaos and ruin had it not been for my ancestors ability at murdering rodents who were intent on the grossly inappropriate dining on the human's grains. This has been true for thousands of years. And, now that I think about this, we have not been given a sufficient amount of gratitude!

I tend to be quite busy relaxing and sleeping so you might be wondering why I would want to be a minister.  I would like to provide my services at funerals for dogs!  If I can keep from laughing that is!!

In case you have any questions about all this, be assured that I am also a certified Revelator which means that I am qualified to answer all unanswered questions. As you might expect, this kind of service isn't cheap.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doing the Intrepid in the Closet!

(and my musings)
Here I am being intrepid!
I guess you could say I'm still "in the closet." 
My goofy look
They say cleanliness is next to godliness. I'm not sure who "they" are, but you know how they say they. Ok, that was confusing. Oh well ... here I am taking a moment to make sure I'm looking my best! 
Me takin' a lickin'  HA!

That cleanliness saying comes from some ancient Hebrew writings. I don't know who the Hebrews are but I don't think it's a cat breed. Maybe it was one of Jesus' cats. Francis Bacon (for whom Canadian bacon is named after) brought that saying into English. Which is funny since he certainly didn't know Hebrew stuff! Weird. He seemed compelled for some reason to mention this in his Advancement of Learning book. I'm big on learning so that's good. Francis had a lot going for him having also invented peanut brittle.

I don't know why I'm going on and on about Francis Bacon! Maybe I'm hungry! I know he was an early supporter of gay rights and made much headway in this regard. I'm not sure where I heard that ... maybe I'm just thinking that from how he dressed!

I'm also big on relaxing which is evident in the "action" photo below. 

That reminds me ... I need to go relax some more! I am so outta here!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Biggest Water Dish in the World!

It gets really hot here in the summer. Not all the time, but when you have a fur coat like mine you don't want to hang out like a slobbering dog or something! I was relaxing behind the ladder until someone started taking pictures of me - this is happening a bit much if you ask me. Which you didn't, but nevermind.
So back to the point of my post today ... it's not bad being out in the intemperate environs of the backyard as long as a cat has a water bowl. And I DO! Check it out! Cool, refreshing, sky blue water. It's like a Hamm's brewery commercial!
An 18,000 gallon waterbowl for an 11 pound cat (4.98 kg for my European readers). It's overkill really, but they spoil me. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm not complaining! It just that I'd never drink that much in a week! My only complaint is that the owners go paddling around in my bowl which just seems uncivil.

I was caught off-guard in this shot. I guess that's obvious!

As Francis Thompson once said Summer set lip to earth's bosom bare, And left the flushed print in a poppy there. I have no idea what that means, but bosom is kind of a funny word! Well since my owner was out here farting around, I decided to get back indoors where it is always chill.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Cuteness Demonstration

Hi everybody!  Here's some pictures that were sent to my owner when she had to go to Philadelphia. This was so she didn't miss me so much. Most people don't know this, but Philadelphia is home to Benjamin Franklin. Fascinating cat fact: he invented electricity by rubbing two cats backwards. You can learn a lot by reading my blog!
Snoozing. I excel at this. Somebody thought he was funny with his new captioning program.
These aren't like official portraits or anything. They don't meet the high Huskercat standard for that.
Flopping down next to the laptop insures that I get rubbed the right way.
Yawn - stretch. God this is a crappy photo.

Hello????  Next time focus the camera or something!
Polaroid photo of me getting a pop on the ol' kisser!!
HEY, PeTA!!! Lighten up! It's a joke!!!
I moved my snoozing operation center to my guy owner's office.  It's pretty messy, but I can sleep anywhere!
Well ... it's a good thing I didn't try to sell these as action photos!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My New Documentary Film-maker Buddies & Two Sexy New Friends!!

Today was pretty exciting. Kira has been visiting and then today Paul and Tamara came to visit. They are documentary film makers. I live sort of close to Hollywood (so I'm told). They came to shoot some video for a documentary. I was a bit annoyed to say the least that I had NO lead time on these film makers coming to make a documentary about me!! I had them checked out right away and they are from Fluid Films in LA. In fact, Paul is the top dog there!  They've shots lots of important films including stuff for National Geographic who puts out some of the top documentaries on cats (usually tigers and lions, but they're related to me). That's why a little lead time would have been nice. Anyways, a National Geographic/Fluid Films special documentary about me, The Huskercat!

This is Paul (left) and me.
Note how Hollywood film makers
wear their shades different than normal people.
So it turns out they weren't actually here to make a documentary about me. That got me REALLY annoyed!! They were here to shoot some video of Kira getting her picture taken by my owner (the one with the cameras). I get my picture taken a lot so I'm not sure why I wasn't the big feature.
Tamara and I got on
most excellently. 

Oh well, sometimes you just have to put things behind you and move on.  Plus, it wasn't their fault that I wasn't informed about what was going on around here. They were both really cool and took an immediate liking to me (that happens a lot actually).

Tamara showed me some serious love while they visited (see photo). She didn't have to run a camera all the time so she was able to take time and keep me from getting too bored. Had I been the central feature of the movie, this party would have been less of a snoozer for me. Fortunately for me, she was able to help me deal with my resentment about not being the feature of the movie they were making.

I made such a good impression on them that I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to make a documentary about me. It should be about Tommy, who was the original Huskercat starting in 2004, and me, of course, who came on board a year ago. They could call it The Huskercat Dynasty! They're welcome to that title if they want it even though I could trademark it.

Here's some action photos of them at work!
Check it out, bitches!! That's me! Right in the middle with the tail. I'm hanging out on the set with the talent during a light check.  (That's how movie people talk! - They never said "check it out, bitches!" That was all me!)
Paul doing his thing. Note this setting is the Husker Room.  You can see a Red N flag in the cabinet. The room/facility is a veritable treasure trove of Huskery stuff. I wish I knew what "veritable" meant. 
Tamara shooting some additional video. It doesn't look like she got me in this ...
Paul and Tamara conducting the interview/interrogation of Kira.  I'm not sure if they got the confession they were wanting but they seemed pretty happy when they left. I don't mean they were happy to leave, but just that they were in state of happiness when they left. They weren't like euphoric or anything like that, just cheerful kind of happy. 

ME (and Kira) on HBO!!! (maybe)

Kira visited me for a couple of days!  She comes all the way from Oregon (which is a state). It's always exciting with her around. She knows how to properly communicate with a VIP cat such as myself. It's all about the love! 
You can see me featured in this photo with Kira. She was being interviewed and videod for an upcoming documentary. They videod her and my owner working together. Naturally I invited myself to the interview. I really didn't have anything to say but felt quite relaxed with the film crew. It was all pretty cool!

I don't know of any other cats who have been in documentaries. Except for big cats like tigers. They like own the Animal Planet! Along with those miserable homeless rescued cats. I forgot about them, but they don't really count. It's not my fault they have a sad life. Well, there I go ending this thing on a downer! I gotta stop doing that!