Monday, August 10, 2009

Ali - My sexy new friend!

There's so many people visiting me lately there's no denying my popularity now! Not that I'm planning on getting a big head or anything. Ali popped over the other day but somehow they didn't get a photo of me with her then. I can't tell you how hard it is to get reliable help. I think I might have been out back dining on mouse anyway.
Ali is wearing a bridal dress but I should probably clear up right away that we aren't getting married. A person can't marry a cat! Besides, I spend all my time worrying about me. I don't think she got married here because there wasn't a minister or some official kind of person around here.

She seemed pretty happy to see me (see photo) so I hope she comes around more often. Maybe she won't wait until she's about to go before giving me some hug! It's not like I'm hard to find. If I'm not sleeping on the owner's pillow, I'm probably on patrol in the backyard which is my major responsibility around here.