Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catting around! Me & Briana go clubbing!

Briana came over this weekend and spent some time hangin' with my owners. I hadn't seen her over at my place before, but let's face it ... pink hair gets your attention!! There was alot happening during the day, but later Bri took me out clubbing.  FYI, Briana goes by Bri to her friends.  I've never been out clubbing.  At first I was apalled that Bri was into clubbing. She just didn't seem the type.  She's very nice and plenty adorable and didn't seem like the violent type.  I mean ... what did baby seals ever do to her, right?? Wow, was I embarrassed when Bri explained to me what clubbing is!  I didn't know what nightclubs were.  Anyways, Bri was plenty ready to go out.  I think we can all agree that when you're dressed in a silver sequined mini-dress, you are ready to go dancing! My owner wasn't invited to go probably because he's an old fart. HA!!

Me (left; being snuggled), Briana (right; pink hair)

As can be seen in these photos, I decided to stay with my usual gray fur.  I had to be careful. Those PeTA freaks are all over in Hollywood, where we were headed, and they love to throw blood on real fur. They are disgusting people. I'll stay with my real fur coat and PeTA can suck it!

I've never been out dancing before. The reason is probably because I'm a cat. That's not to say I don't get out from time to time. Like that one time my owner took me to the Pink Leopard which is a pretty fancy restaurant. I wrote about that incident because the bouncer was racist against cats and you can read about it here if you haven't been following my blog. Plus, I'm not the first cat to go out dancing (see photo below).

Surveillance photo documenting that I'm not the first cat to go clubbing. This photo also illustrates that my friends are way cooler than these wacked out hillbillies!!  :)

My owner told me that people might not believe that Bri and I went out so I got some pictures to prove it!  Here's my cold, hard evidence. I don't have time for haters who are suspicious about my lifestyle. Well, that's my report! Paparazzi photos are below!

You can see ME right next to my logo! Hangin' with Bri as she dances like there's no tomorrow!! Bri's in the pink hair as one might expect.
Here's a closeup of ME! It was pretty exciting as can be seen in this paparazzi photo.