Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ashley - My sexy new friend!

Ashley came over today. She's been over before and I really like her visits. She always seems to think I need some attention. While I don't need it - attention from her is always might fine. Ashley rocks! 

Us Maine Coons are not like ordinary, run of the mill, low rent cats. Maine Coons, because of their fine breeding, enjoy being petted while we're eating. I don't think any other cat rolls that way.

Here's she's pointing at me. I wasn't paying her much attention because I was eating my Friskies hard food. Someone must have come in wondering where that famous Huskercat was and she's just being helpful and pointing me out. I don't mind my fans visiting as long as they don't bother me too much. My days tend to be pretty busy being a predator and having to sleep a lot.

This is a really adorable picture of her. But that's besides the point. I'm not in that photo. There really isn't a need for any photos on my blog that do not have me in them. This is just common sense. You wouldn't expect to see any photos of me on Lassie's web site! Although Lassie's site would experience a major upgrade in quality if I was on there. I wouldn't be on Lassie's site anyway.  She's totally whored out to the Natural Way Natural Dog Food company. Dogs are stupid - you don't need two Naturals in your company name. And what's up with Natural Way? It sounds gay! Kinda Natural Way Gay! 

Natural Way Dog Food - sounds like it's for constipated dogs! Yeah! That's it! Dogs are full of shit!!! This just proves something I've said for a long time - you get a dog involved and everything will go retarded. There - I said it, now I"m outta here!