Sunday, July 18, 2010

TA DA!! It's the New Huskercat!!! Liam!

I'm the new Huskercat, Liam Thomas. I'm told Tommy passed on last month and was the first Huskercat and he launched the Huskercat web site in 2004. So that makes me Huskercat #2!  In his honor, I'm Liam (the name I came with) Thomas (his name).  I'm not sure what all the Huskercat job entails but I'm getting familiar with it now that I'm confident enough to come out from under the bed! Apparently a big part of it is dictating my notes for this blog. I don't even know what a blog is!  But they told me I'd get it all figured out.

Here's me just arriving at my new home in a ritzy part of Riverside. It's a pretty crumby photo because you can't even see me in the carrier!!  The owners need to do a better job of documenting things! This is exactly how weird conspiracy theories get started! But I'm saying right here that I was actually in there.
Hard to imagine that two hours ago I was in a little cage at the Mary Roberts Animal Shelter Rescue Center (or something like that).  I'm staying under the bed for awhile.  For the record, it's my choice. They aren't making me stay here. 
I'm not sure what I was expected to do with all these magazines.  At the animal shelter they rolled up magazines and beat the dogs!  It was really funny ... Suck on that, PeTA!!!   Ok, I was kidding about that.  They never beat the dogs although they deserved it. They must read a lot at this place.
This is a pretty good capture of my handsome likeness.  With these kinds of looks I should be popular on this web site.
I don't think this is the best photo to convey that I'll be doing a bang up job around here.   Not that there's anything wrong with sleeping 16 hours a day!

Everyone around here is still sad because of Tommy's demise. So I guess my first job here is to get everyone cheered up!