Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm getting bargelloed!

I hope I didn't scare anyone with my title. I'm not going to prison. I haven't been that bad! Last time I looked murdering birds isn't a crime. And I wouldn't go a prison in Italy anyway even though I think Chef Boyardee is the finest in canned pasta. I'm sticking with Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna in Gravy. But I'm getting off the point here. I'm quite a reader and so I knew about the Bargello Palace in Florence, Italy (for my Italian readers, the Palazzo del Popolo). What I didn't know is that bargello is some kind of needlework. I thought it was a little weird when my owner (the cute one) put this cardboard thing with colored strings up to me a bunch of times. 

Even though it was weird, I can't complain too much since she kept laying kisses on me. I encourage that kind of behavior in humans.   
So here's the deal. She's doing a bargello needlepoint thing and I'm in it! I'm already in a stained glass piece she did and a big ceramic dish thing that is in the back yard. This bargello thing she's making will have me needlepointed into it. That's why she is trying to match different threads to the different colors of fur I run with. She started on me but had to rip it out. She was mad and stuff. I guess it's hard to do. I just hope she does a good job of me!
When I walk around this place I enjoy seeing photos of me on the wall. I like seeing me in all kinds of things so I'll soon be a fan of bargello assuming she does a good job of it. So stay tuned. I'm sure when she gets it done one of my Huskercat documentary photographers will snap a pic of it.