Friday, November 28, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving Visitors: Steph & Jessica - my two sexy new friends!!

OMG!! My owner (not the pretty one) told me a couple friends were coming over because it was Black Friday.

I had to ask myself "Why? Why? Would he invite over people who were celebrating some kind of racist holiday??" Aren't we above that? And why does he have friends that would celebrate Black Friday???

Oh, boy! Do I have egg on my face or what? My research on the Internets revealed that the Black in Black Friday just refers to when stores really start to make money. Apparently humans go berserko on this day and spend all their money on Christmas presents.

So ... this is great!!  The visitors will be bringing me Christmas presents!!! And now, introducing my newest SNFs (sexy new friends, in case you're new to my blog), Jessica and Stephanie! 
Jessica and me (I'm the one in front)
As can be seen in the above photo, I'm looking around for my Christmas present. Also, as can be seen in the above photo, Jess has red hair. I have other SNFs with red hair. BUT notice below that Steph has purple hair. This is a Huskercat first! Never before have I had Red and Purple SNFs at the same time! It was a real colorfest!
Stephanie and me!
(I'm not the one with purple fur!)
It was pretty cool to have Steph and Jess stop by to visit me. They brought some stuff over for my owners. But I'm still waiting for my Christmas present. Maybe they're not into Christmas. Not everyone believes in Jesus.