Friday, July 21, 2017

My New Friend Savanah - from Nebraska!!

I have a new friend from Nebraska!! She's pictured below, next to me. As the official cat of Nebraska (which is a fact since I'm the Huskercat), new friends from Nebraska are always welcome and my most important friends. 
Here I am seen hanging out with Savanah (the smiling one). She's not as old as most of my friends or the other people who visit my place so naturally she's more fun than most!!  

Although I like hanging out with Savanah, I'm a cat with things to do and can't spend all day snoozing on the sofa.

So off I go for my next unscheduled activity. My destination was supposed to be private but the paparazzi snapped this photo of me. I'm a very busy cat so I need to squeeze in 16 hours of sleeping in each day so I can keep all my commitments. And Savanah is going to be one of those for this week!! The theme for this week is FUN!!

Me.  Sleeping (of course). Use of this photo is granted if you link to my site and spell my name correctly.