Friday, August 16, 2013

Beef Merlot and me!

I'm not crazy about food that people eat. I prefer gourmet food for cats like that made by the Friskies Corporation, Inc, of America, whose parent company is Purrina (a leading cat treat company).  Friskies is a high-end cat food for high-end cats.  It's also known as a "premium" cat food which pretty much means they charge more for it. It's well known that owners paying more for a cat product is directly to how much they love said cat.  So, anyways, I thought I'd say something about the Beef Merlot juice that I had this evening.

Note that the Beef Merlot is accompanied by high-class Husker porcelain coasters and a rare Husker Kleenex box that the photographer incompetently obscured. 

The juice a la Merlot de Beuf was mighty tasty. I thought I'd use a little French for my higher-class fans. 

Off to do pursue my post-juice-slurping activities.

The Beef Merlot I had is healthy for me according to the  box it came in.  I'm happy to provide American corporations a one-time free showing on my blog, but further mentions will require a sponsorship contract which seems more than fair.

Snoozing: I excel at it!

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