Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day is not for the birds!

Here I am lounging in the backyard/pool area celebrating Memorial Day. Memorial Day is when we celebrate the memory of those who died for our country.  This does not include birds. Birds don't die for our country and do not deserve having their memories saved.
(behind the scenes photo)
digital visual representation by Dr Cathy Decker
Stalking a bird by the olive tree in the back yard. He is at this moment reflecting on how his life is going to come to an end.
An exception, of course, to this rule is if the bird was murdered by a cat (see above forensic photo) for his lunch. This photo is from one of my many blog entries illustrating how I have a bird meet a premature end to his little life (May 14, 2012, in case you want to look it up!).  Memorial Day is not for these animals. 

The little yellow bird is now deceased, gone to meet his maker, pushing up daisies, he's now living-challenged, bereft of live, he bought the farm, cashed in his chips, his tab was called at the bar of life, it was his final curtain call. Basically, he is bereft of life.  

So everyone needs to understand that Memorial Day is for our fallen heroes. Not loser little birds. You should ignore the Bird Conservatory when they allege that us cats kill about a billion birds a year in the US alone.  Officially I can't confirm or deny these figures, but it sounds like someone got tired of keeping track if you ask me.  That is all!