Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Fan of Me - Sulia comes to see me again!

Sulia is one of my best friends. She at least comes to see me every now and then! She always looks good in her Huskery outfits but she didn't get a good hold on me for this first picture. I almost slipped out! She's really friendly so don't let her badass look fool you.

You can see what I mean in this next picture. She's definitely the lovey-dovey type! Which is just fine with me, of course. I'm not one to turn down natural affection. Lots of people feel this for me. Boy, my tail looks really good in this photo too. You can always tell how a cat is doing by how perky their tail is. Not everyone knows this.

Too bad my handlers didn't take the time to give me a good brushing before someone went to the trouble to take these pictures. Although they didn't go to too much trouble - I wonder how I get a photo guy who will put a little more effort into these things???

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kira: My Sexy New Friend from Oregon!

There's a two year story behind my Sexy New Friend from Oregon. First of all, Oregon is in another state! Or it is another state ... one of the two. I should have paid more attention. All I know is that it's a long ways away and Kira came all this way to meet me! It's not too surprising really since I'm a Husker celebrity. Apparently she's a big fan since she was wearing a Husker shirt and big red skirt when she met me. I appreciate this kind of gesture. She's very thoughtful like this. By big red skirt I really meant Big Red skirt. Her skirt is obviously rather tiny! HA! (btw, that wasn't a criticism!)

I'd like to make this an educational moment. Let's face it, most people can afford to be smarter. Notice that Kira happens to know how to hold me. Most people don't quite get how to do this correctly. I'm pretty sure she has a cat too. I should do a workshop on proper cat holding and embracing or something. I hope people are paying attention.

This photo demonstrates one of my finer qualities. I make people happy. I don't think she could be happier! People get happy just hanging out with me. It's understandable.

I had a suspicion that Kira had a cat. That explains her nurturant ability to hold me. She has lots of experience, obviously. Kira's cat is named Mufasa (surveillance photo shown here). He's about 4 years old so he doesn't have the kind of worldly experience that I do. But he's got it pretty good living with Kira. Maybe Kira would be my godmother and take me if something horrible happened to my owners .... (not that I'm wishing that or anything!)

The photo-grapher wasn't quite on the ball. If he had been he would have got the picture of Kira laying a smooch on me. If I had a better photographer, he wouldn't have missed this kind of opportunity. A photo is worth 1,000 words (plus or minus, I guess). A photo of Kira actually delivering a kiss would have served as a model for my future visitors.

So I said that there was a two year background on Kira's visit. She found out about me when she was commissioned to do a painting of me. She's a professional artist, not some hack (she even has a college degree in art stuff). It was quite an honor to have an artist commissioned to do my portrait. They must have paid big bucks for that - artists don't come cheap! Even though I've been famous for quite a while, it was my first portrait by a real artist (not a photographer who calls himself an "artist"). I think we can all agree that real artists paint pictures. Photographers just push buttons and annoy you. Real artists can make sculptures too. It would be cool to have a sculpture of me! Maybe they could get Michel Angelo to do it. I've heard he's really good.

They were talking about the painting and I guess my owner was painted in the outfit of her favorite Anime character. I still don't know where Anime is. It's probably farther away than Oregon. Notice that Kira is in native Anime dress. I think it's a very advanced culture given how the Anime worship cats (note the cat ears she's wearing).
I've put a closeup of Kira's painting so you can see me better. I'm on the shoulder of a painting of my owner (the cute one). But Kira did an excellent job of rendering a representation of me. I think "rendering" means painting something. I've never used that word. I just heard my owner keep saying it. I think he was trying to impress the artist somehow.