Sunday, June 8, 2008

My two really cool new friends!

Today was pretty fun with a bunch of people coming over. Most of them seemed to want to lavish attention on me - which I'm used to. These two cuties wanted to show me some love (Billy on the left and Diana). You know what was kinda funny about them is that I'm actually older than either of them. I'm talking human years. I'm told I'm 15 human years old. I don't keep track of these things because as long as I have my savory Grilled Fancy Feast Seafood dinner in the morning, I pretty much don't pay attention to the details. I do notice some details and what I noticed about these two was that they were very cool - as can be seen in this surveillance photo. This suited me just fine as I prefer to get held by really cool people and there's clearly not enough of those kind hanging around here.

I gotta go as I have several more blog things to write up. My owners never followed through with getting me a personal assistant. Maybe Diana or Billy would want that job ...