Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dave & Tarra Show - redux

My friends from Las Vegas visited me all week!  I much prefer these extended stays by Dave and Tarra since it doubles the amount of love in the house that gets directed in my direction. It also almost doubles the number of times that I can be let in and let out of the chez de me.  

Hanging with Dave. (that sounds like it could be a reality show!)

So WHERE was Bruce Chillis, the banana????

Bruce Chillis

He was a no-show! This photo is old. Bruce Chillis is a banana (the yellow thing in the photo). He likes to have his photo taken with me because it provides him with the Huskercat Bump since I'm famous and he's just a banana. You can see the effect of the Huskercat Bump by just googling "Bruce Chillis" and you'll retrieve links to my blog and photos of him and me. 

Tarra and me engaging in a quick snooze.  Snoozing is a good thing and not a sign of laziness (the exception to that are dogs who are all lazy).  Research on snoozing improves cognitive function according to the National Institute of Health - not that my cognitive functioning could be improved much. That's just science. -Snoozing research here-

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