Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tarra Terrorism: The Shocking Story Revealed!

It was a pretty fun weekend with Tarra and Dave staying over. It was pretty much okay that they were staying in the spare bedroom where I usually go to get away from it all. I like sleeping on all the pillows. The first night they closed the door. I'm not used to closed doors around this place. And closed doors usually magically open when I want to go through them. I wanted to find out what was going on in the room so naturally I scratched the door. That usually does the trick. I guess Tarra's not used to cats because she thought it was a mouse in the closet! That was a first! But she got over that and couldn't get enough squeeze time in with me. She gives good squeeze too!
As the Huskercat, I'm always happy to see fans wear their Husker clothes. Let's face it, Husker clothes wearers deserves a little extra respect. So I was dismayed when the backyard surveillance camera caught THIS picture! Some group of Tarra-terrorists got together and tossed my friend into the swimming pool! She was obviously caught off guard by this low rent, juvenile behavior! Humans sure look goofy when they get tossed into the pool. I guess it is kind of funny.
Getting thrown in the pool is a cat's worst nightmare! I don't mind chasing mice and lizards into the pool so they can drown. Let's face it - they have it coming. It's really funny when they get sucked into the skimmer. Talk about a thrill! The way I see it I'm just helping them get to vermin heaven a little faster. But Tarra recovered in a jiffy as can be seen by her theatric finish. She's a sweetie for putting up with this kind of abuse. I'd claw someones eyes out! Who knows what she'd do if she had claws.
It's nice having so much company lately. My owners get kind of boring after awhile. I like the excitement and fast paced life of having lots of visitors who will all throw some attention my way.

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