Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rachel - another sexy new friend!

Rachel and Nicole came over today. They are both really pretty models from Washington. Why girls this pretty would want to hang out with my owner is beyond me.

This picture doesn't do her justice but then that wasn't my fault. She seems to like dogs more than cats and, frankly it showed in her attitude when she picked me up. Everyone around here seems to think they can just pick me up! She was holding me kinda funny and I flipped over which, as it turns out, gave me quite a face full! She's making that funny face because I, shall I say, extended my claws. Now what was really funny was when she decided she didn't want to hold me my claw grabbed her dress (see my right paw in the surveillance photo) and considerable hilarity ensued (as they say!). If my owner actually knew how to work that camera of his, he would have got a photo of THAT!

She was very nice but she needs some elementary lessons on how to handle cats. Especially VIP cats such as myself! And she should dump that yippy little Mexican dog of hers and get a real pet that would respect her as a woman - such as a cat like me. Not that I would go with her; I have it way too good here with savory Grilled Fancy Feast Seafood dinner with gravy two times a day!

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