Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nicole - another sexy new friend!

Nicole and Rachel came over today. My owner thinks he's a photographer and they took all kinds of pictures. They are from Washington. They had the nerve to bring a damn dog with them. I couldn't believe it! If my owner knew about this there will be hell to pay!!

The damn dog actually tried to eat my food! It was a yippy little thing. It was a dog like in the Taco Bell commercials - I think they're called ratdogs. (haha!)

It's not clear at all to my why someone as pretty as her would want a snippy little loser dog like that! She's free to hug me all she wants, but I'd prefer to see less of that dog. It's hardly a dog really ... it's so dinky. If I were that dog, I'd be embarrassed to be a dog. And if I weren't that dog, and was some other dog, I'd beat the crap out of it!

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