Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am ze locksmith of love, no?

My feeders have a friend who lives in Paris. Not Paris, California, which is kind of a dump, but Paris, France, which is a country outside of America. Paris, France is known as a pretty snazzy place. The guy who feeds me has been to Paris and stayed at the Hotel California. There's something kind of funny about that. The owner of a pub close to there arranged for a satellite feed so he could watch the Nebraska-Texas Division Championship game. Now that's service!!
Mr le Pew (right); unidentified object of his passion (left)

Whenever I hear about Paris, one of the most famous Parisian's comes to mind - Pepe le Pew. Actually I don't know of any other Parisians. I'm sure there's lots of them.

Terry, who is the friend of my feeders, has a cat of her own.  She is called Harriet, which seems like a mistake for a cat, to be honest.  Terry sent a couple photos of Harriet which I am duly sharing with my readers.

Harriet: tolerating her photographer

Harriet is a Torty which is a cat breed well known in Paris. I wonder if Harriet has had any run-ins with Pepe le Pew?  He gets around and really has a feline sexual orientation. One should be accepting of different sexual orientations. I'm afraid an awkward question emerges, however. Mr le Pew is a skunk which is a different species than a cat. That's just the science of it. But is that kind of love something that should be encouraged?  I don't think humans would find it acceptable if a guy nailed a goat! Unless the guy was a lonely goat herder. There are always exceptions.

One bored cat!
Well ... if Harriet has had any romantic encounters with Pepe, I hope it was a good experience. We have a skunk that comes into the backyard every now and then. Just to be clear, I've never thought of having sex with it!!

Welcome to Harriet!  If Harriet has a web page I hope she lets me know so we can link up and boost our google ratings!

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