Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Natalie!! She came all the way from Florida to see me!

This was a fun day! Natalie has come over to see me lots of times. Nobody has come to see me as much as her. She's come to see me more than any other Sexy New Friend or even normal people. She moved to Florida which put a dent in her coming over so much. But she decided that a trip to California was the only way she'd get to see me again. Smart girl! I can't go to her. I get catrophobia if I'm in a cargo hold of a big plane. That's where they put us. We don't get to go on the plane. Jerks. Anyways ...

Natalie gives good hug! She asked about me almost as soon as she walked in the door! I was sleeping on the owner's pillow in the bedroom when she arrived, but I'm sure she asked about me right away. They did come in right away and got me for the official photo (seen here). She got all dolled up for it too. That was pretty cool!

There's always a weird time when Natalie comes over. Her and my owner (not the cute one) always toast with cans of Canfield's carbonated diet Chocolate Fudge drink. Chicago Tribune reporter Bob Greene reviewed the product and described it as tasting "like a calorie-free hot fudge sundae."
Apparently Bob is a weirdo just like Natalie and my owner. I think most of us can admit that diet Chocolate Fudge Soda is just disgusting! And this from me, a fierce beast who eats birds raw. And by raw, I mean alive! (Hey, PeTA - suck on that!) Maybe if Fancy Feast made it, but what humans will put in their mouths at times is just amazing! I see some pretty weird things around here that's for sure!

My photographer took bunches of pictures. I think he does that because he's not very good at it. But at least he got a couple good ones of me and Natalie. I'm very photogenic. Put me and Natalie together and we're da bomb (I'm trying to keep up with all the new lingo). She has a pretty happening lifestyle in Tampa. It's hard to keep up with her! Fortunately expectations are low about hipness for a cat. We sleep too much to be very hip.

Sometimes people tell me I'm a little harsh on the photographer. Well, take a look at this "photo." Natalie was hanging out with me for dinner. I was having Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna in Gravy. I think she had a Coke and some beef jerky. She should try the Tuna. At least it doesn't look like a corpse! But my point was how do you take a photo this bad? It's all blurry and stuff.

She was here all day though. That makes up for a few bad pictures.

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