Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More of Huskercat fan Kira! Lucky us!!

Hey Huskercat Fans! My Huskercat blog has come into possession of more photos of one of my recent Sexy New Friends - Kira. One of my owners, the one with the camera, drug Kira at the beach to take more pictures. I guess he felt like he didn't have enough photos of her! I thought that was kind of dumb until I saw the new pictures! She looks really good in that Husker t-shirt that she was holding me against (see a couple posts ago). FYI, they have beaches in Nebraska too. The ones out here are bigger (good) and saltier (bad). I guess it's a wash. It seems pretty clear to me that she was going for a glamorous look here. You can't get cooler than lifting your big sunglasses like that . She seems to have all the moves too (if you know what I mean!). It now seems pretty clear that a cat's web site cannot have too many photos of Kira. That's just the way it is when you do the math.
Here she looks like a movie star or something. She sorta looks like she might tip over leaning like that. She's really skinny. I bet the breeze was blowing her like that.
I wasn't there - us cats obviously don't care to hang out at sandy, wet beaches - but I guess she had lifeguard duty. I hate to see someone have to work so hard! In this last picture she's standing in front of her summer beach home that is overlooking Newport Beach.
Wow! I wouldn't mind hanging out there with her! As long as she stocks Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna with Gravy - that's not negotiable. I bet she'd go down to the beach and snag a fresh tuna that she could grill with some gravy for the neighborhood cats. I would invite them all over. It would be the least I could do since I got it so good.

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