Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Fan of Me - Sulia comes to see me again!

Sulia is one of my best friends. She at least comes to see me every now and then! She always looks good in her Huskery outfits but she didn't get a good hold on me for this first picture. I almost slipped out! She's really friendly so don't let her badass look fool you.

You can see what I mean in this next picture. She's definitely the lovey-dovey type! Which is just fine with me, of course. I'm not one to turn down natural affection. Lots of people feel this for me. Boy, my tail looks really good in this photo too. You can always tell how a cat is doing by how perky their tail is. Not everyone knows this.

Too bad my handlers didn't take the time to give me a good brushing before someone went to the trouble to take these pictures. Although they didn't go to too much trouble - I wonder how I get a photo guy who will put a little more effort into these things???

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