Sunday, May 15, 2011

My New Documentary Film-maker Buddies & Two Sexy New Friends!!

Today was pretty exciting. Kira has been visiting and then today Paul and Tamara came to visit. They are documentary film makers. I live sort of close to Hollywood (so I'm told). They came to shoot some video for a documentary. I was a bit annoyed to say the least that I had NO lead time on these film makers coming to make a documentary about me!! I had them checked out right away and they are from Fluid Films in LA. In fact, Paul is the top dog there!  They've shots lots of important films including stuff for National Geographic who puts out some of the top documentaries on cats (usually tigers and lions, but they're related to me). That's why a little lead time would have been nice. Anyways, a National Geographic/Fluid Films special documentary about me, The Huskercat!

This is Paul (left) and me.
Note how Hollywood film makers
wear their shades different than normal people.
So it turns out they weren't actually here to make a documentary about me. That got me REALLY annoyed!! They were here to shoot some video of Kira getting her picture taken by my owner (the one with the cameras). I get my picture taken a lot so I'm not sure why I wasn't the big feature.
Tamara and I got on
most excellently. 

Oh well, sometimes you just have to put things behind you and move on.  Plus, it wasn't their fault that I wasn't informed about what was going on around here. They were both really cool and took an immediate liking to me (that happens a lot actually).

Tamara showed me some serious love while they visited (see photo). She didn't have to run a camera all the time so she was able to take time and keep me from getting too bored. Had I been the central feature of the movie, this party would have been less of a snoozer for me. Fortunately for me, she was able to help me deal with my resentment about not being the feature of the movie they were making.

I made such a good impression on them that I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to make a documentary about me. It should be about Tommy, who was the original Huskercat starting in 2004, and me, of course, who came on board a year ago. They could call it The Huskercat Dynasty! They're welcome to that title if they want it even though I could trademark it.

Here's some action photos of them at work!
Check it out, bitches!! That's me! Right in the middle with the tail. I'm hanging out on the set with the talent during a light check.  (That's how movie people talk! - They never said "check it out, bitches!" That was all me!)
Paul doing his thing. Note this setting is the Husker Room.  You can see a Red N flag in the cabinet. The room/facility is a veritable treasure trove of Huskery stuff. I wish I knew what "veritable" meant. 
Tamara shooting some additional video. It doesn't look like she got me in this ...
Paul and Tamara conducting the interview/interrogation of Kira.  I'm not sure if they got the confession they were wanting but they seemed pretty happy when they left. I don't mean they were happy to leave, but just that they were in state of happiness when they left. They weren't like euphoric or anything like that, just cheerful kind of happy. 

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