Sunday, May 15, 2011

ME (and Kira) on HBO!!! (maybe)

Kira visited me for a couple of days!  She comes all the way from Oregon (which is a state). It's always exciting with her around. She knows how to properly communicate with a VIP cat such as myself. It's all about the love! 
You can see me featured in this photo with Kira. She was being interviewed and videod for an upcoming documentary. They videod her and my owner working together. Naturally I invited myself to the interview. I really didn't have anything to say but felt quite relaxed with the film crew. It was all pretty cool!

I don't know of any other cats who have been in documentaries. Except for big cats like tigers. They like own the Animal Planet! Along with those miserable homeless rescued cats. I forgot about them, but they don't really count. It's not my fault they have a sad life. Well, there I go ending this thing on a downer! I gotta stop doing that!

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