Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Two Pusses in the Pool! Yippie!

Passion came over last week and now she came to see me again. I didn't recognize her at first! Her hair isn't blue anymore! Now it's kind of a reddish color like some of my fur. I think I know where she got the idea for her color change now! Anyway, I was sitting on top of the hot-tub because it's really warm. It's warm all the time I think because it's a hot-tub. I guess she came over for a swim. It was kinda of hot, but the water is till pretty chilly. But that didn't stop her. She was running and jumping into the deep end and everything. It beats me why humans like to go swimming - the only thing that happens when you go swimming is you get really wet which just sends chills up my spine!

It was just two pusses in the pool! I say two because she was wearing a swim suit that was a leopard print. It wasn't real leopard because if it was she would have been tossed in jail for awhile. You can't go around with leopard fur bikinis no matter how good she would look in one! MEOW!! Even worse than jail time would be the PeTA people coming over to demonstrate and spewing fake blood all over. What a bunch of nutjobs! PeTA kills more cats and dogs than they save - it's a big scandal. Actually, the big scandal was their killing all of the cats. Frankly, I don't think anyone would care about putting the dogs out of their misery. They lead such pathetic lives. Slobbering all over, fetching sticks and balls, rolling over on command. Is that retarded or what!! If they had a brain, they would feel humiliated all the time for being suckered into doing that. And if they felt appropriately humiliated they'd probably put themselves out of their misery! It would be a mass suicide - like a religious cult or something! Humans know better than to interupt a cat's nap time for shit like that.

So, anyway, it made me pretty nervous when she decided to love me up when I was walking to the back to scout for lizards. I ain't got anything about gettin' the luv, but seriously, did she have to hold me over the swimming pool! If she would have dropped me it's doubtful anyone would have ever found me in 18,000 gallons of chilly water!

Well, it was kind of a 1 babe / 1 cat swimming party today with her as the swimmer person and me as the luv object!

Nothing wrong with that!

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