Monday, May 14, 2012

Liam 1, Bird 0

Today was a great day!! They let me out to patrol the back territory. It was clear why. Every morning one hears the insufferable, high-pitched, annoying, and completely unsolicited chirping of birds. There must be hundreds out there pining away for who knows what. To express this algebrarically the number of birds out there is now in the hundreds minus 1.  
Why you ask ... because I nailed one!! My stealthiness won out over the bird's natural agility. Us cats are at a distinct disadvantage in our efforts to rid the world of birds by the fact that birds can fly. That said, birds don't fly very good when there is a paw full of claws impaling their feather-ridden body (see forensic photograph below).

High-action photo shows the clawful impaling of a bird before he got a chance to fly away.
Here I am viewing this morning's efforts!! Cats don't smile. But if cats did smile, you would see me smiling if you could see the other side of my head.

One good turn deserves another they say (although I'm not sure who they are). I was able to exchange the deceased avian carcass for a load of catnip and my mouse toys.  Reflecting on the day reminds me of the poem The Dead Bird by Christy Call. 

I stopped listening for what wasn’t heard. The silence became the dead bird.

That's what we had around here this morning - the silence of the dead bird! HA!!  That's pretty funny when you think about it. Oh well, poems about birds are dumb (I'm not the only one who thinks so either).

What can I say ... catnip makes me wacky!! 

These little fake birds and mouses are terrific practice to keeping yourself a well-tuned killing machine.

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