Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tommy's Passing (RIP June 22, 2010)

Tommy lost his battle 
for immortality today

He was the original Huskercat
That's right - he had his own web site!
Or as Tommy always told other cats ... suck on that!
Nine lives lasted him 18 years.
A talented team of board certified veterinary specialists -- Dr Prouix (Oncology), Dr Ogilvie (Internal Medicine & Oncology), Dr Sueda (Internal Medicine), Dr Mallory (Cardiology), Dr Mohammadian (Radiology), Dr Spela, Dr Hoggan (Emergency Critical Care); Tommy's Longtime Riverside Vet, Dr Schoen, and all the Vet Techs, Jennifer, Maggie, Liz, David, Brooke, Michelle, Charlene, Claudia -- were able to extend his life by three years. He had the best medical care that was always accompanied by lots of love.

A Photo-synopsis of Tommy's 
Last Three Years

Official Christmas Portrait 2008
(still lookin' good)

vaguely interested ...
Just one of many Huskercat publicity photoshoots
Nobody actually died.
It was a Halloween party!
Not so fierce

Biopsy and after his biopsy (and a couple associated IV drips!)
Move luv!
Preventing an escape!
Maggie & Cathy
Cathy (left)
Fancy Christmas Portrait with Nebraska Husker Socks 
Yawning in his custom made snooze-box of American pine, West African ebony and South American tigerwood. He actually preferred a cardboard box.
Zana - catsitter with a PhD!
(Tommy's early years)
Jennifer - catsitter who was highly trained vet tech
(Tommy's later years)
Tommy was no friend to birds. 
Getting ready for his visit by a Persian Cat
contemplating the great outdoors ....
always lots-o-fun!!
Dr O!
Tommy liked to closely supervise his medical treatments
Tommy had outstanding medical care
(as can be seen in these snazzy photos)
high tech scan of some part of Tommy
Nothing like the gravy from a can of Fancy Feast!
Damn stupid idiot dumb-ass creepy dog
Maggie & David ... plotting something
Nothing wrong with kisses!
Nothing at all!
Tommy appeared in this watercolor painting by Kira
just part of staying healthy (or something like that)
Do not EVER get medical treatments on Halloween.
Seriously, don't ever do that. Never.
Lesson learned.

Private outdoors water dish
(legs sheared for IVs)
timing issue of some kind

Bad photo of Tommy on way home from California Vet Specialists
Jennifer and some guy at the Canyon Crest Animal Hospital
Thomas investigating freakish death of rat in garage. He concluded the rat had it coming so who cares really.
Overhead forensic photograph
Tarra & Dave - best-ist of buddies
Who the hell gives a cat malted milk balls for Christmas!?
Not as fun as it looks
Guess who's not having fun!
Tommy - as the general anesthesia wears off
hmm ...
For a moment, Tommy thought he got married to Kira!
Natalie, one of Tommy's best friends (and some guy)
Gettin' it in the rear ...

Tough love

Dr Prouix - the top dog in this cat's care

Not good. Not good at all ....

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