Saturday, May 16, 2009

reflections on the birds

I've written before about that damn bird feader right outside the door here. The owners fixed it so it's really high so there's like no way I'll snag one on the feeder. But the bird feed (they eat seeds which if you think about it is really retarded!) drops to the ground. When that happens I can spring to action. Like I was wanting to do here! Except nobody would let me out! There were several birds dumb enough to perch themselves not but 3 feet in front of me but there was this big glass door keeping me from my evolutionary responsibility of murdering a bird or two. And then eating them. YUM! So there I was (see photo) all ready for lunch but the cafe du Écouter ( <--- that's french for bird!) was closed to my kind. Which is discrimination and that ain't right. Plus, it's like they're trying to starve me! Birds are tasty but sometimes the feathers make me barf the bird right back up although it would still be dead. Maybe the owners think I have an eating disorder. That could be since as a celebrity I might be mistook for a celebrity with one of those binge/barf things going on.

I don't know, but all this is just whipping my appetite up! I wish they had a Fancy Feast (Grilled, of course) with bird meat. They have chicken but chickens aren't real birds. I got to go badger one of the owners into dinner!

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