Thursday, January 1, 2009

Behind the Scenes! (at my New Year's Portrait)

This first one is my standard laying on a Husker blanket trying to look interested shot. I'm carrying this off well except I notice that it wouldn't have hurt one of the people to have given me a good brushing before this. They usually have a fur person here for me but I guess there was a little too much eggnog being passed around. I'm not completely sure about that probably because I know for sure that there was plenty of catnip floating around this joint over the last few days!

The second portrait is where they made me actually get up. I don't mind getting my picture taken but it's asking quite a bit to have me go out of my way like this. But no matter, I sure look good.

In this third photo I doing what the humans call copping an attitude. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but apparently I do that a lot. I just call it making my damn needs apparent to those who can't seem to figure it out right away!! I practically live here - you'ld think they'd get used to having a celebrity in the house. They'll be totally screwed if Madonna decides to stay over sometime!

Now for a behind the scene shot!!
Since most of you aren't celebrity cats (such as myself) I thought I'd show you what it looks like when you're getting a fancy New Year's celebrity portrait taken. You have a light to make sure your fur on the top is lit correctly. And then the crew has to have a light on each side since I have two sides. Otherwise, it would probably look weird or something. Then there's yet another light kinda in front of you (not visible here). That one flashes right in your face! This kind of thing is fun for awhile but eventually, being the center of attention like this gets a little tedious. But a cats like me got to do this to keep the fans happy. So I hope you're all happy!

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Anonymous said...

You do seem to be a celebrity cat. I thought you were just full of it but I guess not!