Sunday, January 19, 2014

Glamourized: Huskercat Style!!

I was complaining to my web guy/owner/litterchanger that my site seemed a little humdrum in the photo department. I'm not talking about all the pictures of me; they're all really exciting. I wanted something to make a statement about moving into 2014. The Cornhuskers did it right with a Gator Bowl win over Georgia. We finished off the Football Season with a 24-19 annihilation of Georgia. I was a little surprised by that. I didn't even know Georgia had a university! It wasn't an annihilation really. Let's just say that it was good that Georgia didn't have another 10 minutes to play! It would have been especially embarrassing for the Huskercat's team to have lost to Georgia. Not just because it's a team from the ol' South, but because they actually have a Bulldog for a mascot. If you ask me, it's disgusting and unnatural to have a Bulldog for a mascot. You have to be suspicious of the brain of the person in Georgia who thought it was a good idea to mate a bull with a dog!! I guess that's what passes for Animal Husbandry at the University of Georgia!!

That's ridiculous to have a dog for a mascot anyway. If for no other reason than you have to have one of the Georgia cheerleaders follow him around to put his poops in a little bag! HA!

So, back to me. So I wanted my blog to get a little more snazzy - glammed up in other words. So my owner brings in some real talent. (In the movie biz, the actor people are called "the Talent" so we follow that convention here at You always know when the talent is on the set because they walk around in fluffy white robes (see below). Speaking of which I am majorly fluffy right now since it's the winter season. 

Kira in white; me in gray

Kira comes to visit two or three times a year. She comes to visit from Portland, Oregon, but she must have some Hollywood roots because only movie stars are this glamourous. That's as people go; most cats are pretty glamorous. They took like 10 pictures of me (with Kira), and this is one of the best of me.  Kira was looking pretty glamorous too, although I don't think she could wear her outfit just anywhere, if you know what I mean. But it was the perfect thing to pump a little blood into my blog photos, and she certainly qualifies as one of my Sexy New Friends, except that she's not new to me.   

Me with a Movie Star!!!

My only requirement, of course, was to have a RED theme, and they sure got that right!  

This is the Huskercat way to say GO BIG RED!!!

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