Monday, January 20, 2014

I don't give a damn according to scientists!!

"Whatever," says cat.

Ok, I know a lot of my readers have been wanting to know what I think of this study by some Japanese scientists that showed that Felis catus's can hear their owners voices but don't really care one way or another. 

After I get done with my post, I'll make sure to email the Nobel Prize Committee to nominate these scientists for an award commensurate with their groundbreaking research that showed us what any cat already knows!!  Hey, wait a sec … by transitive logic this means that I should get a Nobel Prize!! 

Most people will just read some news blog about this study, but I prefer to go to the scientific literature and make sure the science is being conducted up to Huskercat standards. It was easy to do since the paper was published in Animal Cognition which I subscribe to anyway. I had my web guy put a little picture of the actual journal page.

This is what the journal article looks like!

This is an important journal - Animal Cognition - in that the very title implies the fact that us animal have lots of cognition.  Since it's about animals who have cognitions, you will find very little scientific articles about dogs since they don't really cognitate. After reading the research article, I'm ready to go on the record that this research was conducted in a way that is both valid and reliable. Since most of my readers don't have all the researcher connections that I have, I've included the actual results from the study which conclusively prove that cats are many times smarter than dogs. The reason for this is that dogs are stupid. That's pretty much all you need to know. Feel free to go poke fun at dog owners now. :D

Fancy science results and statistics.

More fancy science results and statistics with histogramical bars.

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