Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cat Head Shots!

No big news here. I was just minding my own business surveying the front yard one Sunday morning and all of a sudden I got a camera in my face! There's no way to know how many lizards and birds walked by the window and were spared the punishing treatment for their existence that is my responsibility to administer.

This is a photo of me! I'm told I have very pretty eyes. I guess there's no point in me denying it now!

This is another photo of me! I am looking especially cute in this one. There are 3 of them. The 3rd one is coming up next!
There's a lot of responsibility that I have for keeping the bird population down to a minimum. This kind of distraction will not have a good effect on the weekly bird quota that I have. All of us neighborhood cats have these quotas. Actually, I'm not supposed to talk about the bird quota business. There's this national group of extremists and terrorists, known as PeTA, that have been known to throw pig blood on cats that go outdoors. This is a true fact. Oh, wait ... my media consultant is telling me that PeTA wackos throwing pig blood on outdoor cats is technically truthy rather than true. Same difference if you ask me! I can't even finish a simple blog entry without the word police showing up around here! Take my word for it though, PeTA is hatin' on cats that enjoy the outdoors. What's next? Probably a visit by Sarah McLachlan! It's hard to believe this is American anymore.

I think I look like a Puma kind of cat. To be honest, I look good in all these photos.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Watch me be close to God!! (Not that I saw him)

Look at me! I've never been to church before, but my owner dropped by a church on Sunday. It's not clear why we took this little excursion. Naturally he took a picture of me on location. Churches are God's house (or houses). He has lots of houses. Many are probably resort houses is the only reason that I can think of why he has so many houses. God must have been at one of those houses because I didn't see him at this house. That's ok as I didn't have an appointment or anything. I don't have any idea who the two ladies were, but they made it clear to me that they didn't want to "bother" with me. They were new to going to a church as can be seen by them kneeling in the aisle rather than sitting on one of the many benches. 

Me in God's House. I'm told he has lots of houses like this. He must be pretty rich!

Cats were Gods in Egypt. Contrarily, dogs were often served for dinner in Egypt. Dogs were known to be pretty tasty, but too chewy. Or maybe the hieroglyphics were talking about dog jerky.

This is a picture of two cat gods in Egypt. There have been many hieroglyphics written about my ancestors.  Cats were gods in Egypt. This makes sense as Egypt was the beginning of all civilization. Many hieroglyphics have been written about my cat ancestors which the be beginning of cats being so famous.

Historical photo of a guy with his cat in olden times. The cat's owner sounds a little loopy though. Notice that he is talking about being dead, but clearly he is alive. Nowadays, we have medications for people with problems like this. I don't know ... there's probably more to the story.
Since cats are gods, cats do not need religion.

I should have my own church as it would be an organized way for my fans to visit me and bring Frisky treats, frankinfurters and purr. I should seriously consider this since I am already a minister in the Universal Life Church. That's right, you can check it out right here! I specialize in funeral services for rodents and dogs. I always make it a fun time.

Just one example of why we cats think so highly of ourselves.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I don't give a damn according to scientists!!

"Whatever," says cat.

Ok, I know a lot of my readers have been wanting to know what I think of this study by some Japanese scientists that showed that Felis catus's can hear their owners voices but don't really care one way or another. 

After I get done with my post, I'll make sure to email the Nobel Prize Committee to nominate these scientists for an award commensurate with their groundbreaking research that showed us what any cat already knows!!  Hey, wait a sec … by transitive logic this means that I should get a Nobel Prize!! 

Most people will just read some news blog about this study, but I prefer to go to the scientific literature and make sure the science is being conducted up to Huskercat standards. It was easy to do since the paper was published in Animal Cognition which I subscribe to anyway. I had my web guy put a little picture of the actual journal page.

This is what the journal article looks like!

This is an important journal - Animal Cognition - in that the very title implies the fact that us animal have lots of cognition.  Since it's about animals who have cognitions, you will find very little scientific articles about dogs since they don't really cognitate. After reading the research article, I'm ready to go on the record that this research was conducted in a way that is both valid and reliable. Since most of my readers don't have all the researcher connections that I have, I've included the actual results from the study which conclusively prove that cats are many times smarter than dogs. The reason for this is that dogs are stupid. That's pretty much all you need to know. Feel free to go poke fun at dog owners now. :D

Fancy science results and statistics.

More fancy science results and statistics with histogramical bars.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Glamourized: Huskercat Style!!

I was complaining to my web guy/owner/litterchanger that my site seemed a little humdrum in the photo department. I'm not talking about all the pictures of me; they're all really exciting. I wanted something to make a statement about moving into 2014. The Cornhuskers did it right with a Gator Bowl win over Georgia. We finished off the Football Season with a 24-19 annihilation of Georgia. I was a little surprised by that. I didn't even know Georgia had a university! It wasn't an annihilation really. Let's just say that it was good that Georgia didn't have another 10 minutes to play! It would have been especially embarrassing for the Huskercat's team to have lost to Georgia. Not just because it's a team from the ol' South, but because they actually have a Bulldog for a mascot. If you ask me, it's disgusting and unnatural to have a Bulldog for a mascot. You have to be suspicious of the brain of the person in Georgia who thought it was a good idea to mate a bull with a dog!! I guess that's what passes for Animal Husbandry at the University of Georgia!!

That's ridiculous to have a dog for a mascot anyway. If for no other reason than you have to have one of the Georgia cheerleaders follow him around to put his poops in a little bag! HA!

So, back to me. So I wanted my blog to get a little more snazzy - glammed up in other words. So my owner brings in some real talent. (In the movie biz, the actor people are called "the Talent" so we follow that convention here at You always know when the talent is on the set because they walk around in fluffy white robes (see below). Speaking of which I am majorly fluffy right now since it's the winter season. 

Kira in white; me in gray

Kira comes to visit two or three times a year. She comes to visit from Portland, Oregon, but she must have some Hollywood roots because only movie stars are this glamourous. That's as people go; most cats are pretty glamorous. They took like 10 pictures of me (with Kira), and this is one of the best of me.  Kira was looking pretty glamorous too, although I don't think she could wear her outfit just anywhere, if you know what I mean. But it was the perfect thing to pump a little blood into my blog photos, and she certainly qualifies as one of my Sexy New Friends, except that she's not new to me.   

Me with a Movie Star!!!

My only requirement, of course, was to have a RED theme, and they sure got that right!  

This is the Huskercat way to say GO BIG RED!!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

What does the lizard say for News Years???

So why, you might wonder, do I give a rat's ass about what lizards do on New Year's Day.  However, to preface this question, I offer the following photographic evidence that I am usually a laid-back kind of cat. I'm not out to "get" anyone.  I don't enjoy making others suffer.

One Laid-back Cat

This is me snarling. And, yes, I do look adorable when snarling.

I think I see something!!

Us cats have pretty amazing reflexes.  We are faster than a Manhattan switchblade. I'm told … I don't know what that is.  How how are we so fast?  I'm sure you're wondering that. That's natural.  I'm no neurophysiologist, but it's not that hard to understand neuro-stuff, so I'll give you the simple story on how we're so speedy. It has to do with nerves. When a cat (or a human) reacts to a stimulus (like a meandering lizard, this will be important later), a nerve signal gets sent to the spinal cord and follows a reflex arc back to a motor neuron (motor means muscle) or it gets sent to the brain where a decision has to be made. Us cats use reflex arcs due to evolution and stuff for many things where a human have to "think" about it. Our effector muscles are really fast. Check this out if you don't believe me. We also have thick axons which makes us like a Ferrari compared to humans (no offense).

So anyways, I spot something …

This is me spotting something.
It was a lizard. There's a bazillion lizards around here. The surveillance system around this place is woefully inadequate for the needs of our operation at this facility (house) and so there are no photos of me chasing the lizard. But that's what I did and I employed a tried and true method of pursuit - chasing my prey into the swimming pool! The forensic photo evidence below shows his ultimate resting place - about 12 feet underwater! You gotta admit, that's pretty funny. The photo isn't up to my usual standards of quality but that's the problem of taking a picture of something dead at the bottom of the pool. 

Drowned Lizard who is Dead.
Lizards have been around for over 200 million years where us cats have only been around for about 25 million years. It's pretty sad that lizards haven't done more with those 200 million years than to evolve into weird looking creatures that get chased around all the time. That's not time well spent. So there you have it. I chased that lizard to his death and I'm proud of it. It's not like he didn't have it coming either. He was trespassing and thanks to the new Feline Stand Your Yard Law, I can deploy lethal force in these situations. Oh … and PeTA, you can suck hard on this all you want but you can't touch me!! Come on these premises and I'll make sure you are downwind as I, shall we say, express my anal glands in your general direction!

Requisite image mocking PeTA
Oh … so what does the lizard say for New Years? The last New Years sound from this lizard was something like "glub glub."

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nebraska plays UCLA .... sort of .... :(

The game started out just fine, but quickly turned barfalicious. It was embarrassing. I had my web guy take a few pictures like when we were ahead 21-17. But then things went downhill fast!
The game didn't end up being much to talk about so I'm just sticking in several really cute pictures of me. I like to treat my fans right! It beats putting up some pictures of a bunch of guys playing football wearing some pansy-ass, power-blue, so-called uniforms. I'm not bitter ...
Really cute photo #1

Really cute photo #2
Really cute photo #3

Friday, September 6, 2013


What's this you ask??  And who the hell is Joe Lhota?? He's an enemy of the most popular pet in the world (i.e., cats). He the pro-dead-kitten mayoral candidate for NYC!

Click me!

This scandal is making the national and international news. It's one of the biggest issues of 2013.

So what's the deal?  Two kittens got loose in the NYC subway and the top-brass immediately commanded that the subway line in that area be shut down so the kittens could be rescued. 

Click me

Click me

This is Joe Lhota who is the Republican candidate for Mayor of NYC and he is a cat killer.  In Germany, people like these are called Katze Mörders. He is probably a member of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, although I don't know that for sure.

Joe Lhota would have killed these two kittens or so he said ... 

Here is what a true HERO looks like!!

Joe Lhota is a coward!!  Stephen Colbert invited him on his show to finally kill the kittens who were there and he didn't come on.  Maybe Joe figured out that even Republicans wouldn't get behind kitten killing!!  Joe Lhota can talk the talk, but Colbert showed that he can't walk the walk. 

In other words, Mr. Joe, the kitten killer, Lhota is nothing but a PUSSY!!