Friday, June 24, 2016

Kira, Me --> Paris France!!

Hello from Paris, France!!  That's right, Kira took me to Paris which is in a foreign country called France. Our picture was taken by a river.  For those of you who are not as worldly as Kira and me, I provide the following travel info. Paris is known for two things: 1) that tall pointy building and, of course, 2) Pepe le Pew who is in love Penelope Pussycat. The romance of Pepe and Penelope provided Paris with its reputation as the City of Lamour (which means "love" in French language). That river you see is the Seine (which, in French, means "river") and it starts at Dijon (the city where they make that fancy mustard).

You'ld think that the Home of Pepe le Peu would be a major landmark in this town, but we couldn't find it anywhere. The Parliament of Paris has been very negligent in not showcasing his home. It could put Paris on the map!

Kira & ME!
Pepe le Peu

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Most Cool Friends Ever!!!

Kira, Merrique & Me!!

We get a lot of people traffic around this place due to my popularity as the Huskercat, but it don't get any better than this!  I have friends who travel from all over the country and from some places that are technically considered other countries - like France and England.  But this is a big deal! Thursday, Kira arrived from Portland, Oregon via LA, to be joined by Merrique who drove in Friday morning from her secret mountain retreat nestled in the San Jacinto mountains not far from my compound. They needed to spend some time with me to recharge their cat deprivation. Kira likes loving me up since she's been away from Mufasa who had to stay in Portland.

Merrique & Me!

Merrique doesn't have a cat so I'm the cat she'd have if she had a cat. Merrique is my newest SNF (sexy new friend). But she's not a new visitor to my place. She was the last visitor of the original Huskercat (Tommy) before he passed on 6 years ago. She remembered that and told me. I had no idea. But she can come visit whenever she wants! I took over the job a month later and everyone says I've done a great job!

This is not to say that she doesn't have pets - she has snails. Or a snail. I didn't get the details. It's (they?) is/are sea snails. I don't want to question her judgment as she is my brand new friend, but having pets that people can eat seems a little questionable to me. However, it's important to be sensitive to cultural differences and she's from Paris, France. This is relevant because snails were invented in France and the people from there call them escargots (instead of just snails). I hear that everyone there eats snails. But to be honest, I'm not sure escargots is a real word. I never heard of it before now.

I have the oddest story about a snail. Some time back my owner answered his door and there's a snail at his doorstep. So the he picks up the snail and tosses it into the garden. Two years later, he hears a knock on his door. He opens the door and it's the same snail. And the snail says, "Hey what was that all about?" Anyway, that was weird. I never saw that coming!  :D

Kira and Me!

So anyways, Kira and Merrique came to see me. Between the two of them, they've been to Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Scotland and England.  Every one of those is a foreign country and now they're hanging out with me! How cool is that!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Physics research prove cats are very smart!!

We've all heard them ... Schrodinger's cat jokes.
Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar.  And doesn't.

I know - pretty darn funny!! What I have here is big news about cats and quantum theory (not the simple physics theory as illustrated in the following image).

We all know that Schrödinger’s Cat Theory is a paradox used to explain the apparent contradiction between what quantum theory tells us is true at microscopic level and what we see with the naked eye. It shows the problems of applying the rules of quantum mechanics to everyday objects.

Here's another funny!

So why do I bring up this particular cat??  Science, once again, proves that cats are smart - that's why! Here's the deal: 

The Yale team "built a device consisting of two, 3D microwave cavities and an additional monitoring port — all connected by a superconducting, artificial atom. The “cat” is made of confined microwave light in both cavities." According to Dr  Chen Wang This cat is big and smart. It doesn’t stay in one box because the quantum state is shared between the two cavities and cannot be described separately.”  Dr Wang is a postdoctoral associate at Yale and first author of a study in the journal Science (which is a pretty fancy journal).  “One can also take an alternative view, where we have two small and simple Schrodinger’s cats, one in each box, that are entangled.” But clearly the theory to go with is that Schrodinger's cat (or cats?) is/are really smart! Who wants entangled cats, right? 

This is important scientific research because it adds to our knowledge that cats are smarter than dogs. It's a fact that cats have almost TWICE as many neurons in their cerebral cortex!!! Dogs should be embarrassed by this. They probably would be but they're not smart enough!!  

Friday, December 19, 2014

What's in a Dog Brain??

Ok, I know what you're thinking.  There's not a punch line.  Some so-called canine neuroscientists (scientists who study dogs ... not the other way) tricked some stupid dogs into getting strapped down and then ran them through a brain scanner.  I know, I know, this all presupposes that dogs have brains! But these "scientists" seemed to be comfortable leaping to that conclusion.
Funny photo of dog being tortured in a brain scanner
There was a lot of chatter on the cat blogs about this silliness. The news picked up on this like it was interesting or something.  (Smithsonian  The Scientist  Current Biology)  What they found was that in both dogs and humans, the caudate nucleus got all jumpy in both dogs and peoples when they experience pleasure. To test this they gave a dog a piece of a hot dog. And guess what, dog brains light up when they get a piece of a hotdog. For regular people, think of it as a pleasure response. For my more sciency readers, this takes place in he caudate nucleus, which, as we all know, is rich in dopamine which is what jacks up some neurotransmitter chemical goo. That's right. Dog brains are full of goo. According to the scientists, no need to take my word for it! 
Another dog being tortured. Neuroscience fact: Dogs have to hold themselves really still so the scanner can find their brain since it's really tiny.

Until this fMRI dog research, I thought this was the only medical procedure that dogs needed.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving Visitors: Steph & Jessica - my two sexy new friends!!

OMG!! My owner (not the pretty one) told me a couple friends were coming over because it was Black Friday.

I had to ask myself "Why? Why? Would he invite over people who were celebrating some kind of racist holiday??" Aren't we above that? And why does he have friends that would celebrate Black Friday???

Oh, boy! Do I have egg on my face or what? My research on the Internets revealed that the Black in Black Friday just refers to when stores really start to make money. Apparently humans go berserko on this day and spend all their money on Christmas presents.

So ... this is great!!  The visitors will be bringing me Christmas presents!!! And now, introducing my newest SNFs (sexy new friends, in case you're new to my blog), Jessica and Stephanie! 
Jessica and me (I'm the one in front)
As can be seen in the above photo, I'm looking around for my Christmas present. Also, as can be seen in the above photo, Jess has red hair. I have other SNFs with red hair. BUT notice below that Steph has purple hair. This is a Huskercat first! Never before have I had Red and Purple SNFs at the same time! It was a real colorfest!
Stephanie and me!
(I'm not the one with purple fur!)
It was pretty cool to have Steph and Jess stop by to visit me. They brought some stuff over for my owners. But I'm still waiting for my Christmas present. Maybe they're not into Christmas. Not everyone believes in Jesus.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Catting around! Me & Briana go clubbing!

Briana came over this weekend and spent some time hangin' with my owners. I hadn't seen her over at my place before, but let's face it ... pink hair gets your attention!! There was alot happening during the day, but later Bri took me out clubbing.  FYI, Briana goes by Bri to her friends.  I've never been out clubbing.  At first I was apalled that Bri was into clubbing. She just didn't seem the type.  She's very nice and plenty adorable and didn't seem like the violent type.  I mean ... what did baby seals ever do to her, right?? Wow, was I embarrassed when Bri explained to me what clubbing is!  I didn't know what nightclubs were.  Anyways, Bri was plenty ready to go out.  I think we can all agree that when you're dressed in a silver sequined mini-dress, you are ready to go dancing! My owner wasn't invited to go probably because he's an old fart. HA!!

Me (left; being snuggled), Briana (right; pink hair)

As can be seen in these photos, I decided to stay with my usual gray fur.  I had to be careful. Those PeTA freaks are all over in Hollywood, where we were headed, and they love to throw blood on real fur. They are disgusting people. I'll stay with my real fur coat and PeTA can suck it!

I've never been out dancing before. The reason is probably because I'm a cat. That's not to say I don't get out from time to time. Like that one time my owner took me to the Pink Leopard which is a pretty fancy restaurant. I wrote about that incident because the bouncer was racist against cats and you can read about it here if you haven't been following my blog. Plus, I'm not the first cat to go out dancing (see photo below).

Surveillance photo documenting that I'm not the first cat to go clubbing. This photo also illustrates that my friends are way cooler than these wacked out hillbillies!!  :)

My owner told me that people might not believe that Bri and I went out so I got some pictures to prove it!  Here's my cold, hard evidence. I don't have time for haters who are suspicious about my lifestyle. Well, that's my report! Paparazzi photos are below!

You can see ME right next to my logo! Hangin' with Bri as she dances like there's no tomorrow!! Bri's in the pink hair as one might expect.
Here's a closeup of ME! It was pretty exciting as can be seen in this paparazzi photo.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

stupid dog butt dials the cops!

Headline: Dumb dog does heavy breathing number with police.

Headline: Dim-witted dog causes trouble by scratching owners phone instead of her butt.

When a dog is this stupid, I thought I'd suggest a couple more precise headlines. I don't mean to criticize the Associated Press, but in their effort to be politically correct, they aren't laying blame where it is due. People need to understand how stupid dogs can be. Millions of people are catching onto this. In the olden days, there were more dogs in the USA. But now, there are more cats. There are ~74 million cats in the USA which is about 4 million more than dogs. 

It's not racist to call dogs stupid or dumb. It's not even racist to call dogs retarded, although it's a little insulting to retarded people.  Funny thing ... dogs are eaten for lunch and dinner in at least 11 countries! Click here for more info on dogs as meals.   

This dog looks like a dirty mop!!

When dogs aren't busy butt dialing, they are always sniffing butts (see above photo).