Sunday, July 8, 2012

Jessica from Redlands - My Latest Sexy New Friend

This is Jessica and she came all the way from Redlands to see me! I think it's clear from this photo that she easily qualifies as one of my Sexy New Friends.  Naturally I'm happy to have another friend, especially one with SNF status, but she came when I had tons of things to do. I run a pretty tight schedule with all my Huskercat things I am responsible for. I hope she'll come back to visit so I can absorb all the attention she wants to throw my way!

She's from Redlands which is supposed to be a cozy, pretty little town. My web guy took a look at the city web site and found some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the city has dog obedience classes for the damn stupid dogs that have infested the city. I'm happy that where I'm at where I don't have to worry about unruly, undisciplined mongrel dogs. In Riverside, unruly dogs are shot on sight. That's why it's known as a "dog-gone good city!" HA!

She seems to be a pretty happening girl. We could use more visits from her to pick things up around this place.
The bad news about Redlands is a little surprising - there appear to be a lot of drunks there! Probably driven to drink by all the unmotivated, slobbering dogs. We need to be reminded that alcoholism is a disease and usually caused by having a dog. It's also not a coincidence that a practice of alcoholics to reduce hangovers is called "hair of the dog." It's disgusting.

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