Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tabitha - my sexy new friend with RED hair!

Tabitha is part of this Huskercat record of 3 sexy new friends in one day! 

Here she is holding a "I Love Liam" (that would be me!) sign. She looks so sad in the first picture because I wasn't able to be there so she could have her picture taken with me. :(  Tabitha is a very special Huskergirl!  Why?  Hey, check out her red hair!  That is dedication!! It gives new meaning to "Go Big Red!!" 

I hope Tabitha wasn't too disappointed that she didn't get to be in a picture with me. Maybe she can visit some day and we can make that happen. How come I didn't get to go to this Huskery meeting is a mystery to me. Heads are going to roll when I find out who left me behind on this day!

Exhibit #1: Evidence of sexiness!
Is she adorable or what!!

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