Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Cuteness Demonstration

Hi everybody!  Here's some pictures that were sent to my owner when she had to go to Philadelphia. This was so she didn't miss me so much. Most people don't know this, but Philadelphia is home to Benjamin Franklin. Fascinating cat fact: he invented electricity by rubbing two cats backwards. You can learn a lot by reading my blog!
Snoozing. I excel at this. Somebody thought he was funny with his new captioning program.
These aren't like official portraits or anything. They don't meet the high Huskercat standard for that.
Flopping down next to the laptop insures that I get rubbed the right way.
Yawn - stretch. God this is a crappy photo.

Hello????  Next time focus the camera or something!
Polaroid photo of me getting a pop on the ol' kisser!!
HEY, PeTA!!! Lighten up! It's a joke!!!
I moved my snoozing operation center to my guy owner's office.  It's pretty messy, but I can sleep anywhere!
Well ... it's a good thing I didn't try to sell these as action photos!!

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