Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marie - my newest sexy new friend!

This is Marie who came over to visit for the day. She's from LA or Hollywood - some place like that. I don't think she's a movie star but I suppose she could be. As can be seen from this surveillance photo, she's got quite a thing for me! I guess her and my owner (the big one) go back quite aways. They took lots of pictures but I wasn't feeling very welcome when they would shoo me away. Cat's do not like being shooed away. It's getting pretty old how I have to go over this again and again. By going over it I'm referring to reminding them of my presence by brushing up against things and occasionally tipping their stuff over. I was snoozing in the next room on the sofa and heard Marie call for me several times. That was nice but I like to see a little more motivation from people when they want me to hang with them. She could have come looking for me. As Ellen Berkeley once said As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. I don't just come trotting out when some person calls for me. If that's what someone wants it's obvious they need to drag themselves down to a dog pound and get one of those dumb, slobbering dogs before the dog pound staff exterminate their sorry asses. Or she could have asked my big owner about the most likely places to find me.

She gives good squeeze though. I guess you could say she's someone who rubs me the right way! HA! That's pretty funny.

They were talking about some pretty wacky stuff so I didn't hang around much. A suggestion for the future would be that they invite me over when they take a break in the work. There's no reason why they can't be petting me when they're just sitting there and talking. It's a complete waste of human energy!

She drives a prius like my owners except that hers is red. My owners prius is blue. As the Huskercat it's easy to imagine why there's more red (you know - Go Big Red!) around here than most places. I don't get why we don't have a red battery car. This is a shockng lack of attention to detail around here.

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